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Bitcoin under 3500 soon
Eth 250 soon
Ark 2.50 soon

Get your bank transfers ready! This will be the best opportunity you can get!

Not saying that this is the bottom, just saying that all those waiting for the dip should be salivating right now.

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Those who are hungry will be the ones who will make it. Those who actively FUD us will not make it. We will break all of the barriers that you all have imposed on us. We will make sure that you all eat your words for FUDDing BRAP to get a lower price. Our primary Goal is MAIN STREAM ADOPTION. and we will be the ones to do this. I swear to god , that this will be the one of the last things i do. If you are with me... SAY BRAPPPPPPPPPP and remind others that they will rue the day that they ever doubted us.

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I have 250K. Will I make it?

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Hello /biz/,
I've created a coinbase account and bought $40 ethereum and $40 chainlink but I haven't really got a clue about how to make any profit, is it really just buying things that are red on a particular day and then sell when they're green?

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Anon, you need to learn alot, how to send and receive, wallet addresses, simple shit where you can lose a transfer because you didn't check the address, never ever give out your seed phrase, that shit. I never used coinbase, I just use binance. >>30107630 this anon is right, don't just throw money at something because some pajeet told you to, you have a steep learning curve ahead, knowing when to buy and sell isn't just watching candlesticks

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Also watch out for gas fees on eth, they can be rapey. The white paper is basically a product description for lack of a better word

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so i have double citizenship, greek/italian, coinbase asks me which citizenship i should use for taxes etc. how do i learn which one is better regarding taxes etc?

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If you're using coinbase the white paper is listed in the overview section of a coin. It is right below the green/red part that shows people buying/selling. Just click the whitepaper and save the pdf into a folder on your phone or w/e so you can read them whenever.

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How about just googling each countries tax codes?

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My ledger just came in the mail any experiences with this bad boy? Finally can keep my shit safe WOOO

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formerly chuck words

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Hacking a 20 word combination would take forever and the reason why the 20 words get written down on a physical piece of paper is so that way nobody could ever just yoink the words from your hard drive.

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its funny to read, nothing becomes a good idea on this board . everytime someone does something , you get laughed at.

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Okay, I know there are some genuine tards on biz, so reminder to everyone, NEVER give your seed phrase (your 24 words) to anyone else except maybe a lawyer or family member who can then access that money if you die. Actually guys you should all have contigency plans in case you get rekt IRL

If this comment helped you then please consider sending some upvotes my way, also like & subscribe!
Edit: Omg thanks for the new subs, also lmao that gif of that mini doge/pupper-chungus doing some heckin big borks made me blow air out of my nasal cavity at a higher than normal rate

Edit:Edit: OMG wholesome award, basado! my wifes boyfriend will surely let me sleep in the bed tonight, NOT (lol lmao)! Also remember guys, black lives matter, trans rights are human rights! Goodnight!

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wow id double my money wow

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Feeling great having doubled your money since August holding LINK? Oh wait... HAHAHAHAHA

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I dreamed it was 1300 :p

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I once dreamed that the dip was behind us. It was october 2018.

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nico bully gf

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On the off-chance that you find yourself falling for the marriage meme how do you set up a good prenuptial agreement?

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>One options may be to put your wealth into something like expensive watches or something similar that doesn't depreciate much in value if at all. Just make sure to keep them hidden.

If you distrust someone enough to be squirreling away precious metals & items then why marry in the first place

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I think there is nothing more ironic in human history than the prenup.

> I love you
> I trust you with everything
> but I'm not 100% confident this is gonna work out

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From the thumbnail I thought it was a guy fucking his dog in the bottom left panel

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People who are smart with their money always hedge their bets. Today the only way to hedge your bets aganist marriage is to avoid the whole institution.

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Things can get pretty messed if you end up marrying the wrong person. It's important to have your back assured regarding the domain. After all, we are humans and our emotions can change. I have a friend who had married the love of his life and 2 years later, she cheated on him. I would suggest you take a look at this article from https://breakupangels.com/how-to-define-relationship-infidelity/ in order to know more about this topic. A prenuptial contract can solve lots of problems. I don't get why there are people who are saying that this isn't ethical. It's not like this contract is an agreement to do whatever I want

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Although we are still in the early days of blockchain development, it is clear that technology will radically change the way business is done in industries ranging from finance to government to video games, and entertainment is no different. Modern creatives are smart and careless, always looking for the next new development that can boost their work, and blockchain projects like Earnbet, the first decentralized online casino, where you can play with a wide variety of crypto currencies and generate dividends in a safe and totally transparent way, because it works under the blockchain.

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The world is changing because to the rise of blockchain technology. Cryptocurrencies are not the future, they are the present!

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>>30000000 will decide the fate of crypto

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Whole number gets have way more mystical power than the others.

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super mega ultra based

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Get your wallets ready, quit your jobs, start nofap, this is it. This is when we shine.

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Meme magic is definitely fucking dead. Digits don't mean shit anymore

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The first Flash-Mintable Tokens (ERC20) filled with regret:

Assuming you're totally new to crypto:

>create an account on your exchange (on coinbase, be sure to set up the Google authenticator)
>buy ETH on coinbase with USD or EUR whatever fiat currency you own
>download the Google chrome/Firefox extension called Metamask (https://metamask.io/)
>create a wallet
Wallet in which you'll send the ETH previously bough. Store and don't share your seed phrase with anyone. Use a strong password.
>send/withdraw the ETH you bought on coinbase to your metamask wallet
Once you've received your ETH, go here to buy : >https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x2f3e054D233c93C59140c0905227c7C607c70cbb


>10K: Private COOMER
>50K: COOMtenant
>100K: First COOMtenant
>200K: COOMptain
>500K: MajorCUUM
>1Mil: CUUMlonel
>2mil: Brigadier COOMERral
>10mil: Major COOMERal
>20mil: BLUE BALLS General
>100mil: General of the Sperm Armies

>2.1M or higher - Sharkbull Ejaculord
>1M to make it bonus prego waifu (requires $WAIF)
>100k suicide sperm count
>0 non coomer ngmi infertile cuck

Remember, you are now in clownworld. The world you knew before is gone. This is the reason I invest in COOM. I'm done trying to outsmart clownworld, so let's outdumb it. When in clownworld, act like the clowns. So Welcome to COOMworld, put on your red rubber nose and buy COOM.


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Just go all in LINK

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Howdoo UDOO

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Engineering student here, I get the impression that engineering is massively oversaturated, thoughts on switching to applied physics?

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>> No.1230072

Finance major here

I hated math in high school because it was mostly bullshit (only 1/4 was calculus, rest was geometrical reasoning and spatial math) and once I went in uni, the math courses were a godsend.

>missing out mandatory internships/work experience

It does way more now than graduating with a high GPA, a lot of people I know who were more concerned about vacations spent overseas completely bombed their chances at working after university because they have no job experience acquired during their time in uni.

By the time you are out of uni, you need at least 3 months work experience if you're doing your Associate's, 6 months if you're doing your degree. The more the better desu.

>> No.1230080

>I hear nothing but the opposite from people in that industry
It's called being in denial.

>> No.1230084

yeah nah I'd definitely do a PhD. Some people want to play football, I want to invent and innovate technology. But all right, maybe the differences between engineering and applied phys starts to fade at the PhD level, makes sense when I think about it. I'll keep looking into it, but anyways cheersfam

>> No.1230101

btw OP here, I've heard a lot of good things about CS + mathematical modelling, a combination most people aren't good at because advanced level math is really hard for most people (so basically hard to outsource). A friend told me about a guy he knows who got a master's in comp sci and then went on to get a PhD in applied mathematics and apparently this guy makes fucking bank working working some finance job.

Can anyone confirm? Does this sound reasonable? It's what I heard anyways but yeah

>> No.1230101,1 [INTERNAL] 

fuck you and political science

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Hi fellows, I made comprehensive summary:


w8 for more

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>mfw biz figured this out a week ago

>> No.29983045

I'm the real Satoshi but I won't sign using the genesis keys because that would set a bad precedent :^)

Two more weeks until the tulip trust is unlocked friend, just keeeep holding!

>> No.29983132

What is the point you are trying to make?
All that text for what?

You have the audacity to say "calling the kettle black " and I am a shill for bsv? That is circular logic. Bsv is the original bitcoin period; core and cash are forks. This isn't even up for debate.

They hijacked the code; mutilated it. How do you defend them? Follow the yellow brick road.

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File: 45 KB, 1280x591, Gavin Andersen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He did sign the genesis key. Just not for you.
You may not like Craig Wright, but he signed with Satoshi’s keys to Gavin Andresen with a freshly unboxed laptop and did similar signings for Jon Matonis, Ian Grigg, Stefan Matthews and Calvin Ayre - none of which would be easy to fool, and none of which have retracted their claims.
The direct successor of Satoshi Nakamoto as lead developer on the Bitcoin project was Gavin Andresen.
Gavin Andersen explicitly said that Craig Wright signed a message using the private key from Block #1 of Bitcoin. Time was spent on a careful cryptographic verification of messages signed with keys that only Satoshi should possess.
So who do we trust? A 4chan anon or the lead developer of Bitcoin BTC?

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Praise KEK for the upcoming get

Praise Sergey for mentioning Chain Link


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$1000 EOY

>> No.7780177,10 [INTERNAL] 

$1000 EOY

>> No.7780177,11 [INTERNAL] 

well this aged poorly

>> No.7780177,12 [INTERNAL] 

never forget

>> No.7780177,13 [INTERNAL] 


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This OIN presale requires "investors" to send pictures of their ID, a selfie, residential address AND their signature on a clean piece of paper.

Who in their right mind does that

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>> No.22015374

Fuuuck that.

>> No.22015508

More for me I guess :)

>> No.22015534

To increase their scammed earnings after the rug pull by impersonating you and stealing more funds / selling your information for other scammers to use I guess

>> No.22015653

OIN is chink team xD

>> No.22015653,1 [INTERNAL] 

I think that instead of using a signature on a piece of paper, you could automatically stamp the papers. I always use a stamp instead of a sign of some papers at work. It's more comfortable for me. You could design it on https://mystampready.com/en/constructor/. This is an online stamp maker. Also, they deliver to you your order. A great advantage of this platform is that the delivery is free and very fast. The last time they delivered the stamp to me in one day. I am satisfied with their quality.

File: 1.50 MB, 990x660, 1583162545748.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Can you reliably make good money gambling?

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File: 43 KB, 601x656, ok_cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you sensei. I shall research this.

>> No.28272832

Though most people think it is blackjack, craps is actually the best odds game in the house if you know how to bet right. I am a winning dice player and it is one of the funnest things to gamble at the casino

>> No.28272832,1 [INTERNAL] 

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>> No.28272832,2 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.28272832,3 [INTERNAL] 

Well, no. First of all, I adore gambling. And I usually play big. I just feel it and sometimes make huge bets. And yeah, sometimes win. But is it a reliable way to earn money? I doubt. Even if you play on safe gaming platforms like https://fairspin.io/ or similar ones which are based on blockchain. You can be sure that your payoffs won't disappear. But odds of winning aren't in your favour so keep this in mind and play responsible. Maybe my approach to gambling isn't usual but I think it's safe at least.

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Alright biz, most of these Y-coins are fucking scams. But they make money. Next up is YFDAI. Let me make it simple.

7,770 circulating.

Liquidity locked in Uniswap until December 2021 -

Team, marketing and staking just locked today through smart contracts.

Staking starts tomorrow.

Rumors are influencers are preparing to shill.

Team has been transparent and followed through so far. Don't be fuckin dumb, biz. Buy and catch the ride up to over 1k.

Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xf4cd3d3fda8d7fd6c5a500203e38640a70bf9577

Dextools: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x84e34df6f8f85f15d24ec8e347d32f1184089a14

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You do realise blockchain crypto’s will be made illegal and everything will be run on Hashgraph simply because of the environmental impact right? Game over HBAR won you guys are just in denial at this point
$50-100 EOY
$150-500 by 2023

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>> No.29974971

Why is it struggle today to go above 0.12400?

>> No.29976370

open review, you just cant use it


>> No.29976558

BTC pampin

>> No.29976831

I'm here to make money though

>> No.29976922
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buying more so when this hits 10 i'll be a millionaire

File: 1.76 MB, 5430x3620, bc6a1997-29e6-472a-8657-8a2910520464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]
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Would a dating website catering specifically to matching up White men and Asian women work? I want to capitalize on the phenomenon.

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>> No.16548985

The left are 16-19 while the right are 26-30+ years old. That's why they look so different

>> No.16549004

Only betas think and talk about alphas and betas.
you are either
>bitter white roastie
>loser trying to convince yourself that you are "alpha" because you have a 4/10 white gf

How do you know? The left will look the same until they are 40+

>> No.16549085
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Put tinder on dapp and reward the users, now that would awesome

>> No.16549245

no they don't. maybe 1% models in photoshoots that are airbrushed and photoshoped can 40 year old women can look like that.

>> No.16549245,1 [INTERNAL] 

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Why are people so bad at budgeting? I know so many people who make six figures yet always complain about credit card debt and financial issues when they blow through their paycheck like it's nothing.

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