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How will people in the future remember the February 2021 crypto bubble?

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A ponzi that rich people cashed in on

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By forgetting about incel bear faggots like you

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Crypto is complete trash. Yes there are a few spikes up here and there but big deal, lmao. The market is complete dog shit the other 95% of the time

Fuck crypto, it’s got a really gay community too

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So much for the “golden bull” lol. I just keep my money in the coins with decent apy now. At least my stocks will grow 4 years out of five, unlike crypto which only grows 1 year out of 5

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Crypto is good but its too volatile and all based on hype. Can make some decent money but 90% of crypto is about luck.
I feel like in 2-3 years time crypto has really good potential but at the moment its too early to be implemented and used properly.

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>merely x6

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Which exchange allows you to borrow coins?

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hey oldfags, are you buying or selling crypto here?
i need advice on what do

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Holy fuck. Read some basic shit on how to trade. Thankful for you morons in the market. Makes it easier for me to make money

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>feeling fear, uncertainty and fud
lmfao, case in point. they are so retarded they don't even know what fud stands for

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I'm never not buying crypto, I just buy less when the market is up. My investing strategy is to do obsessive levels of research on a very small number of things that I think will work out over a period of 2+ years, then throw all my money into them non-stop without even considering the price. It's worked out so far.

Right now I have 2 stocks that I'm buying and 3 crypto projects. This probably won't change for another year at least. If the market tanks 75%, that just means I'm buying 4x more.

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its crab season. what do u think nigger

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Thank you for the advice anon. Just finished downloading your book recommendation. Here's a pretty painting I have saved before as a token of thanks.

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How many monero to make it guys?

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exactly : ******

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Yeah corrupt politicians would never use it.


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>he doesn’t know

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How to get some free BTC

1 - simply go to bitcoin-generator dot online
2 - put your wallet address
3 - select how much Bitcoin you want
4 - click start, then confirm
5 - wait for the process complete
6 - receive you free BTC

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Hi, I find reading this article a joy. It is extremely helpful and interesting and very much looking forward to reading more of your work..

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Any advice on interviewing people if you don't have an office?

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do tell

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looks like a sex doll. that is not a compliment

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wow, you a faggot,

dubs confirm

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OP here

Ok I found here, her name is Lucy Laistner

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very interesting post.this is my first time visit here.i found so mmany interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion..thanks for the post!

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$10 after answering
rest for referals
got 2 left.

answers pic related

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There is noticeably a bundle to find out about this. I assume you made sure nice factors in options also

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ellar is a decentralized coin that unites currencies

2: Stellar lumens -> Falilitating low cost universal payments

3: Why use for Reminances -> Fast, Secure, an

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pliance and management of quarantine rules, saying it is expected to increase the number of people visiting multi-use facilities such as department stores and large disc

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and analysis team at the Central Quarantine Countermeasures Headquarters, expressed concern at a regular <a href="http://www.nolgoga.com/MLB">MLB중계</a>

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: Why would banks and businesses use stellar -> To issue and exchange tokens quickly

5: Stellar Consensus -> It relies on the agreement

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There's going to be a one or two year period, after the first couple of major industry integrations, where there is a sudden "dot com bubble" pile on of companies into smart contracts, where the CEO has finally seen "smart contracts" in the business papers and said "Why aren't we doing this ourselves?"
It will have lots of dud integrations and nonsense bullshit, just like the dotcom bubble, but what comes out of it will be an entire new business structure. Sergey is right to draw analogies with SaaS, it was exactly the same sort of issue. The speed at which it went from "too risky and experimental" to "you're fucked if you don't have it" was incredible, and automated backends will simply be too profitable to ignore. There's no moral stance you can take against it, no "it's too disruptive". You simply will not be able to compete with a smart contract powered competitor.

I can't stress to you newfags enough how early you are. How cheap $10 LINK is, $20 LINK, $50 LINK. The "dotcom" bubble of smart contracts literally hasn't even started. Why are Oracle and Fernando awkwardly trying to onboard nobody projects onto a half baked platform? Why are they racing to get this ground level traction? Because Oracle, Microsoft and others want to be the smart contract "App Store". That's how early we are, the app store for this stuff doesn't even exist yet.
And if Oracle, Microsoft et al are trying to be the app store, what does that make Chainlink? It's the operating system. A monetised operating system that you HAVE to use, and you HAVE to pay, just to play the game.
Play whatever DeFi liquidity farming bullshit ponzis you like, but please, please, buy and hold Chainlink and hold it until the entire fucking world is standing, mouth open, at the absolutely immense disruption of the fourth industrial revolution, powered by Chainlink.

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Lol retard
I'm not buying at these prices

Let it dump to $3 or $5 I might buy some

Link is way overpriced

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help i poo pood

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bosting in ebic thread XD
But microshit isn't onboarding anyone, and oracle startups stale as cat shit

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Imagine being as based as sergey. We’ve already made it frens.

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Thanks for the blog post buddy! Keep them coming...

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Did I make it?

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Omnom is monmo reversed. Monmo is character from the hentai Fairy Tale, who is a cat based on the real life cat "Monnmo." Monmmno was a cat in West Africa during the 1850s that was reported to have been owned by the patient 0 of Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease at that time. Coincidence would have it, that Monnmo is an amalgamation of the Bantu words "Mon" which means to destroy and wreack havoc and "Nmo" to mean the head or specificaly when referring to the brain. The owner named it this because as a kitten it would shit, piss, and tear up his hut and continued to do so well into adulthood. Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease causes the brain to swell and then the host to die, but not before giving them canabalistic urges.

It was also confirmed that patient 0 recieved this disease from ingesting river water contaminated from upstream by, at the time, warring clans that would smash open the heads of their enemies and distribute their brains into the water so their minds, where the Bantu clans believed the souls were, could never be whole again and would forever be apart of the earth.

It is not coincidence, however, that Omnom is both a water type and a mystic type, paying homage to the warring Bantu clans' beliefs and Variant Creutzfeldt–Jakob disease. As to the picture, I've got no fucking clue why the designers chose to give a rare candy eyes and a tongue, maybe it was a fetish.

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I cant wait for battling

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XMR will never be above .1 BTC. Certainly never above $1k.

why do people invest in this? It's cool technology, but it's bad at making you money.

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Whats up with people making threads to fud monero?

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Oh boy. Prepare your anus, bucko.

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You can now yield farm with 0xMR on 0xMonero.com

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There are a lot of blogs over the Internet. But I can surely say that your blog is amazing in all. It has all the qualities that a perfect blog should have.

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Annon, seriously, you have a problem, you must stop gambling on BitMex. It's for your own good.

>YES! I'm giving you the: "Shorting is gambling" talk.
>(don't give me that look)

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You realise that a 1x short is literally safer than holding?

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Anon, I... come here give me a hug.

Go away you evil jew!

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Do you have brain damage? GIVE ME YOUR SHEKELS

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Put the SHEKELS in the bag anon-chan

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Everything has its value. Thanks for sharing this informative information with us. GOOD works!

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goodnight /biz/

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you do not want to use stop losses in markets with as little liquidity as most crypto markets do.

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it was a rhyme. and also a joke. OP got it.

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sweet dreams frens

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too soon bro

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Thanks for picking out the time to discuss this, I feel great about it and love studying more on this topic. It is extremely helpful for me. Thanks for such a valuable help again.

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if you still have chainlink please sell it ASAP and dont make the same mistake I did, it is my dying wish so that you anons can make it.

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hey fellow leafs anon,

why are you not investing in HMMJ and other cannabis ETF?

why ETF? Because it's hard to time the market. Just buy the market and dollar cost average.

Cannabis will only grow in the next ten 30 years. It's like buying pharmaceutical companies when they first came out in the 1930s.

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*Velocity, not volatility.

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Weed stocks are mostly a meme, the average weed customer is a broke loser young person,so how much money can you realistically make?

Canadian oil & gas stocks are undervalued right now and will skyrocket during the coming oil price moonshot

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> Those companies have single digit P/Es for a reason

Today this is increasingly the case. Back in Buffets day, stock markets were much more opaque and many stocks traded at prices vastly separated from intrinsic value. Today everyone has instant access to EVERY piece of info related to a company, and are able to buy/sell stock with the click of a button. Markets are incredibly efficient today and those stocks you see that appear cheap are really value traps for one reason or another (obsolete business models, getting bodied by competition etc). If anyone thinks they can beat the market just think this: hedge funds today are using AI to scan speakers at investor presentations and political speeches in real time for positive or negative keywords to gauge sentiment to adjust forecasts in their models--we're literally down to pricing in the published word in real time. And whats hilarious is that even the top guys fall below benchmarks in the long term. If your actually doing something that generates alpha, everyone else will copy you leading to an overcrowded (underperforming) strategy

>> No.7930996

Boomers will make it so that there will be a big initial surge, but things will quiet down soon after. If you know what you're doing, there's definitely the potential to make money.

>> No.7930996,1 [INTERNAL] 

I wanted to call out a few options for those looking to invest in cannabis stocks.

* YOLO ETF: gives you exposure to Canadian and US cannabis stocks. This actively managed ETF has an 0.75% expense ratio. Source: https://etfdb.com/etf/YOLO/#etf-ticker-profile

* MSOS ETF: gives you exposure to US stocks (growers, distributors, multi-state operators). I prefer US operators over Canadian ones, as the largest US operators are profitable. This actively managed ETF has a 0.74% expense ratio. Source: https://etfdb.com/etf/MSOS/#etf-ticker-profile

* eToro's CannabisCare fund: an actively managed ETF with a focus on medical cannabis producers and distributors (includes Canadian, US and UK companies). Interestingly, this fund has a 0% expense ratio and is only available through eToro. It also requires a $5,000 minimum investment (as at March 2021). Source: https://trustedbrokers.com/uk/etoro

I'm keen to invest in US producers as it's a fast growing industry, with recreational use around the corner. Once it is legalised, you can expect to see institutional investors buying in, driving prices and valuation multiples higher.

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Premarket Data: https://money.cnn.com/data/premarket/

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology for newfags:

Real-time market news:

Educational sites:

Free in depth technical analysis charts:

Earnings Report Calendars:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

Options Markets:

Suggested books:

List of hedge fund holdings:

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>> No.13369050,1 [INTERNAL] 

Hi, I recommend FP Markets if you live in Canada.

You can open and fund an account in Canadian dollars, which is nice. Their Iress trading platform allows you to trade CFDs on literally thousands of stocks. Stock coverage is the best.

Unfortunately, they can't accept traders in Ontario or British Colombia for regulatory reasons. But there are no restrictions if you live elsewhere in Canada.

A comprehensive review, here: https://trustedbrokers.com/ca/fpmarkets

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/smg/ Zen edition

***Join the official /smg/ discord:
discord gg / M9NM34q ***

>I'm new to the stock market, what stocks should I buy?
Before you buy anything, make a brokerage account and read investopedia articles and/or the books in the OP list. If you don't have a broker, you can't buy stocks, and if you blindly buy things without understanding how the stock market works or doing any research on the individual stocks you're buying, you will lose money and it will be entirely your fault.

List of popular brokers:

List of basic stock market terminology for newfags:

Real-time market news:

Educational sites:

Free in depth technical analysis charts:

Premarket Data:

Earnings Report Calendars:

Biopharma Catalyst Calendar:

Pump and Dump Advertising:

S&P 500 VIX Futures (For SVXY/UVXY, higher is better for UVXY, lower is better for SVXY)

Suggested books:

Previous thread: >>11407386

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last for barrick gold

>> No.11413206

fuck barrick gold

>> No.11413206,2 [INTERNAL] 

I suggest that you read detailed reviews of brokers before you sign-up. This review of http://www.q8trade.net is a good example. It has all the information you need so you can make an informed decision

>> No.11413206,3 [INTERNAL] 

There are plenty of online review sites but be sure to check first if that site has authentic reviews and not just some copied texts. This eToro review for example is in-depth and very detailed: http://realforexreviews.com/brokers/etoro

>> No.11413206,4 [INTERNAL] 

I don't know why some people say that Plus500 is a scam. It's easy to make baseless claims.

I used them a few years ago and what happy with their service. CFD trading isn't for me, but I have no complaints at all about the company.

They were voted "best platform for crypto-currencies" here in fact: https://trustedbrokers.com/uk/plus500

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Anyone who's cashing out now, how are you going to deal with the taxes?

I personally am a tax attorney and I want to get into the market of helping crypto people pay no/little taxes on their income. How would I best appeal to this market?

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Does any other activity shit on people this much?

At least it's not going into an Xbox.

>> No.11819724


I lost all my money so I'll probably file for capital losses 3k every year

>> No.11819864

You're retarded
If you got JUSTed you want to document your returns because you can deduct some of your losses from you other income

>> No.11819872

>other income
gtfo normie. NEETs only

>> No.11819872,1 [INTERNAL] 

I have been working in an auto parts factory for a long time and we have a fixed salary. However, we began to notice that over the past few months our salary has been getting smaller due to higher taxes. This situation causes discontent among employees and some have already quit. Last month, we were not given a salary at all, and they explained that the company is suffering big losses, which is why they will try to reimburse everything next month. I also have a family and I hope for this money. My friend advised me to seek the help of a lawyer to solve this problem. At the moment, we have sent an email asking for help at https://www.thorpehatcher.com/. We hope that the lawyer will be able to resolve our situation and provide us with compensation for the resulting damage.

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Would this strategy work at roulette?

To start you would need at least $10,000 just to be safe.
1. Wait until there have been at least three of the same color in a row.
2. Then pick the opposite color and start out at maybe a $50 bet
4. If you lose, the next bet make it $150, to recoup your original losses and still profit
5. Then each bet increases if you lose, so if you lost a 4th time you would want to bet at least $250 to recoup the money you've already lost. This is why it's safe to have $10,000 on the extremely unlikely circumstance that there's like 10+ of the same color in a row.

In theory, the statistical likelyhood of there being further consecutive colors becomes more and more unlikely. The most I've ever seen at a casino was like 7 blacks in a row before going red. So if you just kept betting red it would eventually switch back. Is there any reason why people don't do this?

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>> No.22882488

Negative expected value, ball has no memory (independent rolls), table limits... almost everything about the odds has already been said.

But this is /biz/, so let's talk about risk/reward and sunk costs of Martingale which nobody has touched upon yet (short of the image in >>22875207).

>Round 1
Bet 1, Total Exposure 1, Max Profit 1
>R 2
B 2, TE 3, MP 1
>R 3
B 4, TE 7, MP 1
>R 4
B 8, TE 15, MP 1
>R 5
B 16, TE 31, MP 1

You notice something? Your bets grow, your total exposure grows, but your max profit always stays the same - a measly 1x your initial bet. With Martingale every consecutive bet becomes more and more unreasonable. You're throwing good money after bad because of sunk costs. By round 10 you're pushing in an additional 512 for a total investment of 1023 in the hopes of ending up with an over-all profit of 1. Now take a step-back in think if you would put 512 of your hard-earned money on a 50/50 bet that could result either in total loss or in a gain of 1. This is the position Martingale forces you in.

Best case, that means if Martingale works out and you hit your color before you go broke or hit the table limit, you've risked a shitton of your money for a miniscule profit. That's not a sound investment strategy, even if the odds were stacked in your favor (which they aren't).

>> No.22882578

In other words, with Martingale your potential losses are infinite, but your potential profits are capped at your initial bet.

>> No.22883028


I've seen the whole screen filled with black. 20 spins. All black. Wew lad.

>> No.22883028,1 [INTERNAL] 

Won't even try. It never ends well. Maybe I am just that unlucky or something

>> No.22883028,2 [INTERNAL] 

That is not how probability works for sure. Have you tried playing casino games? I don't think all people who do that have $10,000 in their pocket. Moreover, if you play online, there are different rules. I mean, some casinos set a specific winning percentage. So, players can't predict the outcome of the game. My colleague and I play on differents UK online casinos we found on https://www.liveblackjack.org.uk/ . We've tried the same strategy. Despite this, I got a higher income.

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Soon it'll be listed on coingecko, you don't wanna miss this 5x


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>NGMI holder

>> No.30175265


>> No.30175305

Basado y Redpillo

>> No.30176102

>the year is 2048
>NGMI has surpassed BTC

>> No.30176172

based schizo poster

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Going to a top 3 Business School, and I've been reading a bit of mixed info lately about how to dress. Some people say to dress extremely well, and that brand names do matter, so only certain ties and only certain socks and shit, but others say it does not matter, just wear something neat and have good hair as well as smell.

I'm fortunate and I've always worn good clothing (expensive shirts, ties, suits, etc) and I'd like to continue that in university, so I was thinking it is time to have a bespoke suit made for me, well 5 or 6 of them. My dad recently went to Hong Kong on business and he had this really nice full silk suit made, and it feels amazing! I was thinking of taking a trip to Hong Kong myself this upcoming March Break and having them made there as well, but I'd like to ask you guys a few questions first, regarding 'self image' at a top 5 school (this is top 1 or 2).

The cost for this school is around $50k per year, which includes tuition and housing, but there are also a lot of recruiting parties, launch events, dinners, and many more business related events and so on.

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I lol'd.

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I feel like you just retire right now dude, you're finished congrats...

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I'm really not sure how to help you...

>more $ = better
Wrong. You are trying to make a good impression on people, and while appearance is a large part of that, you aren't trying to display to everyone how much money you have.

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>By the way at the school I'll be attending, the daily dress code required is a 'business casual' which means nice shirt, nice pants, and no jeans. We also learn in a case-based way, so we're always working with different people and different professors, which means we'll have to make impressions on a daily basis, which is why, more $ = better, how I see it anyways.

so wear business casual, don't wear a suit

>The suits are custom made for you, they do all of your measurements and it takes 2-3 weeks to get one actually finished. For 5-6 pairs I've already checked with them, it will take 8-9 weeks. That means I'd have to fly over to HK, then do my measurements, fly back in 3-4 weeks to have a second measurement done, and then another 3-4 weeks later I'll be by to make some final changes.

false economy, if you're going to get a bespoke suit then get it done properly - you might as well meet one of these hong kong tailors in some hotel in your own country if you're going for that sort of cheap option which is essentially just a glorified made to measure service not bespoke

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How did you already have a Rubic card? we don't even have one here in 2021?

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It's hitting the 50k support

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I can't tell without seeing the next pattern

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it literally got smacked as soon as it broke the range nigga.
It tried to break back up immediately after and got rejected. Now its going sideways. That's what we in the biz call a dcb.

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Stellar you say? I'm going all in on XLM

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The bottom is in I repeat the bottom is in. Next stop 58k

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ah, the reverse lochness monster. we retrace to $350 now

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