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Was just watching a documentary and saw this. Which one of you autists was in Monaco last summer? There's a big KuCoin logo on the car.

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Kucoin paid for this. It's an advertisement retard. You see the other logos on that car right?

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This. It’s from a rally held a bit after the Grand Prix. I believe KuCoin sponsored Gumball3000 and ModBall one year.

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How the fuck can trade coins out of Coinbase before they “allow” me to after buying. Is there a coin that somehow doesn’t get tracked and I ca move them out to another wallet? I’m trying to buy pnk here

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but you can't buy pnk on coinbase

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You can't buy pnk on coinbase

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Are you retarded anon? what the fuck are you talking about coinbase not "allowing" you to trade...? they put a hold on your coins until the transaction clears so you dont buy with FIAT, withdraw the crypto and then stop payment before the transaction clears ... you're allowed to withdraw to wherever you want after that ... trading on a different exchange for alts that coinbase doesn't list is allowed, they only ban your account if you are doing something illegal

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I know want to move it another wallet so I can use uniswap. Fuck you guy are retarded. These are the people we take coin advice from biz. Pathetic

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Learn English

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what went wrong?

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ascending triangle is bearish

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How much of this scam to make it?

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500,000 for a suicide stack
5m for a make it stack

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short it then

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already did

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Is there a way to get woken up if one of my assets moon?

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Have any of you faggots read this book? It changed the way I think...Any book recommendations?

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Even worse, some shifty hook nosed kike changed the way he thinks by writing some words on a paper that he paid money for. He literally has never even met the guy.

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Thank you anon for the thread. I'm the anon from the other thread about how crypto is a scam. My recommendation is that we all read the intelligent investor.

Thank you!

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>in the modern age reading entire books is usually a waste of time.

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How about you read the underside of my nutsack while I teabag you, you little bitch boy?

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>Also understand that in the modern age reading entire books is usually a waste of time.

t. Coombrain

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Is sports betting guaranteed winning using martingale strategy?

A team plays 82 games in an NHL/NBA season. What is the chance of an average team losing all 82 games? Even if they lose a couple, win 1, lose a couple, win 1, you will still be making money using the martingale strategy

Assuming 1:1 odds:

Bet 50$ for team to win.
They lose? Bet $150 next game
They lose again? Bet $250 next game
They lose again? Bet $500 next game
Etc , etc. Eventually they will win and you will make a profit. There are no limits to how much you can bet at like you would see at a casino table.

If you really wanna play it safe, you can bet high at the start of the season and then as the season nears the end, lower you initial bet, just to be safe.

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If the odds for every game u bet on are 50/50 then yes. But they won't be. You are a cunt.

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goodluck finding someone to take a 100k+ bet

also taxes will fuck you probably

this strategy would work assuming you have unlimited funds and there was no cap on betsize, neither of which are true so you will get burned inevitably

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Yes eventually they will win, but you may run out of money first.

Carry out your strategy 10 games, it starts adding up really quick. Good luck getting a load for tens of thousands to dig out of your hole

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It’s pretty much the exact same as doing it on the roulette (which doesn’t work long term) since 1:1 would mesn that this team is expected to win < than half their games.

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The odds are always favouring the house so it’s very hard to find and edge, people who make money sports betting are knowledgeable and understand stats, this retard method wouldn’t work

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Daily reminder that crypto is gambling and you all will lose all of your money.

Why don't you just listen to Benjamin Graham? He literally taught the most successful investor of all time. You could be getting consistent gains in the stock market.

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Not reading all that OP, just post uniswap link

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>crypto is gambling

that's what makes it so good retard

imagine telling people youre making a living off "investing"/""trading"" instead of gambling

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Investing to gain from compound interest is boring as fuck.

Gambling is fun

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Leave boomer

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>consistent gains

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>Made by Sam Money Man
>Incubator of FTX
>Compound marketing
>Private seed locked up 7 years and cant dump

Don't miss this one /biz/, getting chainlink vibes

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It's not all locked for 7 years.

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Is there seriously no FUD for LTO? $18M. Legit af.

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That's a man/

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It can be whatever you want if you stack LTO

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they are waking up

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>Ni Hao, wealthy Chinaman

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Ni Hao, wealthy Chinaman!

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Ni hao wealthy chinaman!

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Thanks for greet me guys. I will try to make candle for you. Need more money to escape hell that is China.

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Ni hao wealthy chinamen

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give me your most scammy, dirty 10x you have

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litecash $CASH

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Why AERGO? This seems legit.

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some anon wanted a pdf copy of the fourth industrial revolution by that klausfag.
i made him show me his timestamped hand for the book, but I instantly fell asleep 0.02 seconds after he sent me the hand. I just remembered it now, and I want to see if that anon still needs the pdf.
Also, you didnt finish the shit test, fren. I told you to say "I hate niggers and kikes," but you only showed me your hand.

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That’s his first book I think. Here’s the most recent
OP is a faggot

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kill yourself you subhuman piece of shit

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is this book about ARPA?

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No one is spoonfeeding you

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Nice try, pajeet

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Chi listing on Binance

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How highs it been 2$ 2.10 2.15? call me in muh two weeks when this hoax is worth 10cents

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Is the weed industry immoral? Is the porn industry immoral? How much would you need to be paid to start abandoning your morals?

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>Is the weed industry immoral?
>Is the porn industry immoral?

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I’m a pot farmer, before I started I had morals.. now I fuck a bunch of women, shoot at people and screw people over, gamble, strippers, jewelery. It’s pretty fucked. I’m changing back to how I used to be, I took the year off and god has blessed me with a family and daughter. I paid for my karma from all the years. I got shot 3 times last year. God is real and karma is too

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it's crazy how profitable weed is, normalniggers really are retarded. apparently an oz of high end shit goes for $300-350. a 100w quantum board costs $5-6/mo to run and weed grows in like 6-8 months. pure fucking profit.

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God bless you, man. I hope you make it if you’re in stonks or crypto

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I just realized one of the universe's oldest tricks. The reason coins pump after you sell them is that there is a whale waiting on the other side of a trade for some sucker to sell him a certain amount of coins. Once you sell the coin will pump and convincing you to consider suicide. If you had never sold those coins, the whale would keep waiting until you or someone else does. And with months and months, eventually someone will fold.

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>he bought?

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Right now price is at $60, starting price, just look at what YFL did and this is heading in the same direction.

Remember to sell your profits and get out before it dips

dextools io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xc358001a71b3160b4b243d6e8c6f52579f82215e

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I'm not sure if this is correct board to ask but is anyone here familiar with the Arizona unemployment system? I've tried for hours to contact them over the phone but I never got accepted into the cue and now they're closed. I have questions about my current claim.

Any info is greatly appreciated. Again, I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask.

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Gotta keep trying fellow AZbro. System is swanped, welcome to Hell. An autodialer will save you a lot of headache.

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Good looking out my dude. I'm on the verge of tears due to frustration.

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I'm this close to dumping all my money into a random coin or stock
Everytime I make money I panic over how much I lost, and I've been told I'm not a treat investor

Fuck it
If my current coins dont moon and I cant find the 100% chance of a penny stock moon mission I'm killing my bank account and going apeshit, even if I go poor.
I'd rather make it or slip ahead to complete utter failure

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Unsubscribe me from these suicide blogs

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>not investing in heroin

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Stop throwing money at coins that don't do anything anon. The only one that's works for that on its own is BTC. Put money in ones that have an actual function.
Good hodls
>BTC (lowest return but safe long term)
>ETH (good long term, probably going to go sub $300 again though at some point)
>XMR (private transaction in a post corona world)
>LINK (DeFi could be big)
>BUIDL (Same as LINK)
If you are throwing any actual money at garbage that just functions as another BTC, you're going to get rugpulled. Double so if it has "deflationary" as it's main draw. Don't be surprised when shit like BRRR and TEND fuck you over.

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This will mint so many new millionaires they should change its name to millionaire minter

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Holy shit ffs quit shilling cheapies to this nu fags

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Also checked

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Oh look the fudders have arrived
Sorry can’t have my coins for cheap, no sir

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