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Same amongst a couple others

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What do you /biz/raeli transmen think about the new Nervos CKB token sale? Worth buying into?

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Why did this shit just get slid to the end of the line immediately?

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I heard this project is legit from a crypto dev, but if they are holding an IEO it is almost certainly a scam. I will not be buying this.

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how do I turn 25k into 250k?

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out of the money options that magically turn in your favour

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I have 700 dollars in retirement account does that work?

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Go all-in, the /biz/ way. 25% each in FTM, RSR, LINK, VIDT

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Spend that 25K on getting a PhD and then work at a fast food chain for 250 months

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With a minimum of 0.02 BTC and a click on the link below you can obtain access to a thing called COMPOUND INTEREST, that's how the rich get richer! Don't hesitate, join today!
Create your free account within minutes, deposit funds, wait 24 hours for investment fund validation, WIN as you watch your investment COMPOUNDING DAILY!

Here is my magic formula to win for all beginners, guaranteed:
1. Get Wallet for your Bitcoin

2. Buy Bitcoin using our trusted affiliate link

3. Create an account and make your deposit through our trusted affiliate link
At the time of writing this, 0.02 BTC was valued at approximately $160 dollars, while 1.0 BTC valued at $8,000 dollars. Visit https://coinmarketcap.com for up-to-date market price.

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Looks legit

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It IS legit. If you go on their amfeix website, they have their whitepaper and you could techically mimic what they do, except they have over 3,500 BTC to play with.

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poo in loo rasheesh

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you could just kys and simply leave the vain material realm

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Oh lordith, please thine rise link chainith. May it aid our brothers in this trying time of econimomic instability oh lord, may we bask in your great warmth for we are but mere link Marines. May the chain strengthen and our enemies choke under their generic currency abominations. May you rise us with the power of the link. In jesus name, amen.

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Hypothetically, can satoshi nakamoto transfer his 1 million BTC, anonymously using a fully functional chainlink network?

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Look at pic related and ask yourself that question again

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back when Sergey used to drink real bad

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I’ll pay you double, manvinder, to shill for me

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Rate my chadfolio

Post your own

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at least it's shiny

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You nailed it on the pajeet call, can't lie about that. I'm a stinkin poo in loo but I only shill for daddy bitcoin. Dump your shitcoin bags, I can't believe you morons are still holding alts in 2019
It's utter trash and I feel like a 90IQ street shitter for listening to doomsday boomers saying it would be $600 per oz in 2018

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you're a small boy
look how small you are compared to those quarters

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Not selling any alts but also not accumulating anything but BTC with one exception. Stacking sats for the next year.

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ask me how i know

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Hello fellow peeps, I can't wait to talk to you all about business and the finances. :D

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So using Fidelity I shorted a company called Bionano Genomics (BNGO) and I got something called a margin call on Wednesday
Not really sure what that is but I had shorted 16000 shares at .60 because it's going to zero
Since I havn't heard anything I think it's ok since I had $8k in the account, but has anyone had this experience with Fidelity?

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just give (((them))) more money

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Short squeezed

Centralized markets are ran by Jews

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They already have my $8k, plus the price is coming down

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How do you idiots still not understand that Chainlink is a scam.
Sergey is exit scamming, it's in the whitepaper.
Don't believe me? Download the whitepaper and ctrl + f "exit scam".

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FUD threads reek of linklet accumulation fever

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You had two years Rajanprash.

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we know but its fun to play along

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Thorchain RUNE
>1.8M micro mcap gem
>No bagholders
>Binance DEX BEP2
>Recently burned 50% of supply
>1% weekly staking
>First DEX / DeFi on Binance Chain
>BEPSWAP mainnet Q4 2019
>Thorchain mainnet Q2 2020
>Partnered w/ Binance Chain Alliance
Get in anons

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This is the CEO of BitMEX, the largest Bitcoin exchange in existence.

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Maybe if more black people studied math there would be more black mathematicians and if maybe more Asian people worked out and played sports they would show up more in the olympics. You ever stop to consider that before spouting and creating racist theatrics.

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These are not barriers brother. I took an IQ test and it turned out that I've something like 100-105. Pretty average. This told me to not go pursue Physics or I would destroy my life. It wasn't something I was made for but my Father was pushing towards that because he's a scientist himself.

There are certain things out of one's reach. That's fine. We should do best with what we have and cooperate with others to make up for the difference. But yes I agree that i took the wrong premise and communicated in the wrong manner.

Hope this was better. And, for what its worth, I'm not white. I am brown (Indian descent). People say retarded shit on this board because its anonymous even to my people. But all this is banter.

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>Probably stole tons of ideas and brute forced his way
This is literally how business is done. You'll never make it.

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>Maybe if more black people studied math there would be more black mathematicians and if maybe more Asian people worked out and played sports they would show up more in the olympics

And I'm the racist? Fucking lol dude

Email your boss that and CC all your coworkers, let me know how it turns out

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>the largest Bitcoin exchange in existence.
Its a derivatives exchange retard

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How can I profit from this revolution, biz?

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i hope the jews make you and your shit scum brethren into menagerie.

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Short Israel

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Fuck off kike.

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w err ana kamen men el ashrafieh, enta sob wen ya khayeh?

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It's the same three or four people posting these threads, guaranteed.

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Ironically, it is the same couple of butthurt FUDders actually

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You're admitting to being a butthurt FUDder so early in the thread? Sure, Raynesh, sure.

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Skiddies are quite predictable.

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wtf I hate quant now

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I like the NEET threads.
Similarly, I like the wagie instigation threads.
I also like the BSV threads or any Creg thread but plebbit Greg is determined to infest everyone with his proven FUD.

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yes kind of like that, here take this image and use it for your next thread and make sure you say that for the OP

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Here, open this one: >>15976342

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you didnt hear it from me, but its always a good time to crab post

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This is a brilliant idea, thanks anon

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Based on the prior prices attained by top 100 coins with similar supply, we can realistically and conservatively expect VIDT to reach approximately $30 per VIDT during this current Bitcoin bull cycle. VIDT is the #1 revenue project in crypto while current top 100 coins/tokens are zombie companies that make no money and have no active development at all. Bottom is unironically in, and a make it stack will never be this cheap ever again. VIDT marines are holding from higher prices and will NEVER sell. This is setting up to be a fucking slingshot, and if you don’t get in now you’re retarded and deserve to die the poorfaggot your low IQ genes condemned you to be, you fucking disgusting subhuman pieces of no-VIDTer shit.

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>4 posts by this ID
>7 posts in the thread
Start a blog and leave this place, pajeet.

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Thanks for the bump, Ranjeet. FUCK YOU, CURRY EATING STREET SHITTER

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>Resorting to anti-Semitism, racism, and stolen memes instead of articulating a defense your investment

Why would you make a post if you aren't going to read any of the replies? Pretty odd.

>> No.15976610

You're welcome. Now take your meds. We're worried about your deteriorating mental health. We know hodling VIDT can be stressful and cause you to contemplate suicide every day. We're here for you.

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VIDT smells like poo.

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just got a letter from a collections agency for $20.26 for a medical service (I ignored the doctor's bills for like 6 months)

what happens now? Is this already on my credit report? Should i even bother paying them?

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Depends. Are you feeling lucky, punk?

Well? Are ya?

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>A radiologist had sued her over a $230 bill, and she’d missed one hearing too many. Another woman said she watched, a decade ago, as a deputy came to the door for her diabetic aunt and took her to jail in her final years of life. Now here she was, dealing with her own debt, trying to head off the same fate.

that is fucked m8

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You have several options. It MAY be on your credit report, but judging tthat youre ignoring a $20 bill, you're probably poor and your credit report means very little...but life circumstances can change. Sign up to 'creditkarma' and check out their services; its free and I use them and they'll help you thru the appeals process if its on your report.
1. Ignore it. Its not much but you'd be surprised that future creditors will look HIGHLY NEGATIVE on this. Why? Because if you're too fucking lazy to pay a $20 bill, they ain't gonna give you any leeway later in life.
2. Contact the creditor and ask to accept $10 as payment in full...tell them you're on the verge of homelessness and its all you got. They'll probably accept it and when you pay it, make sure you get a letter from them as 'paid in full' to show the credit agencies.
3. Pay it and get a letter of paid in full, etc.

Little things like these get magnified for future car loans and so forth, so do it TOMORROW

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>capitalist healthcare

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tell them the most you can afford is 2% every month.

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Depression is back again. Please tell me we’re still on for 16k in October:(

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sorry, looks like you fell pray to yet again another biz larp

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You're telling me. Thought after 5 years i had finally found a crohns medication that works, been telling my family and gf i can start back at uni soon, everyone was so happy. Then I've been getting more and more tired and dizzy for weeks but kept keeping it out of mind and now just this evening shit out a tonne of blood. Left the bathroom to smile and be happy with my gf as she talks about Christmas holiday plans but it's all fucked again.

I want crypto to work so i can just give everyone back all the money they've ever spent on me, give my girlfriend enough money to have a great life and then go dissappear off a bridge somewhere.

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No one cares.

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