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w-we're going to be rich a-arent we??
t. 300linklet

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Maybe, maybe not. For now, we ride the wave. There's no sense in making any moves until the announcement. If it's a nothing burger, buy the dip, and you might as well hodl a little longer. Ideally, we'll drop back below a dollar, and build back up to it.

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wtf btc is at 102k?

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10.2k, you can see the decimal, it was a typo BECAUSE I'M FUCKING LOSING IT, I'M FINANCIALLY RUINED AAAAAAAAAAAAAA

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>yo nigga why aint u buying RLC below ICO price u dum or sum shit nigga?
>fuck nigga i aint fuck wit a fuck nigga
>giv me ur fuckin shoes nigga i need to sell them shits for more RLC

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>2 year old shitcoin

just give up nigga

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>hah dis nigga thinks years matter fuckin retarded nigga now giv me ur wallet

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Sold mine to accumulate link thanks

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Once you made it how do you use the money to meet a lot of hot women? I really don't understand the passage from being a nobody to being surrounded by women because of money.

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Get male friends and hang with them IRL Good luck anon

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I fuck 18-20 year olds for 50$ a night in my third world country. If BTC goes to 100k+ I will literally drown in pussy

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>I like the seduction part not the ejaculation part.
That is so retarded. It's like saying I like working part not the part when I get paid

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Anyone can get laid for free. The question is with whom. I'd rather pay for young cuties than settle for whatever abomination regular guy is dating

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32 years old here, somewhat made it. Quit my wage job 10 years ago. Been doing things online ever since. I remember when I thought a beautiful loving wife was all I needed to be happy, but once I got that I wasn't happy. I also remember I thought money would make me happy. I'm not rich, but I don't have to check the price tags when I go shopping for food or clothes so I feel comfy. Yet I am not happy. I thought a nice car would make me happy. Yeah, not lambo, but I used to own a nice S class mercedes. I felt fucking weird driving it though. Still not happy, sold the damn thing for half the price just to get it away from me. Bought a street racing bike instead. And for whatever strange reason I feel much happier riding it every day. I guess I like bicycles. I always start humming the queen song I want to ride my bicycle. Hmm.. steering off course now. Forgot what I wanted to say. I guess to each their own huh? What I have realized though is money and women are meh. Just meh.
Inb4 gay. I sucked cock for a while though. Lol... didn't get a kick out of it. Could it be I am a functioning asexual male? I honestly don't know.

I wish there was something more to life though. But there isn't. It's just... whatever you do and then it isn't. It will be over before you know it. Sometimes I wonder what I would do if I had infinite resources. Somehow colonizing mars or helping colonize mars seems like the only thing that would make me feel something more.

Sometimes i just want to drink alcohol but i cant stand the drunk feeling. I used to smoke weed in highschool but i cant stand the high any more. I like my brain fresh full of ideas tho. And at first weed gave me this but after a while it didn't any more. I have done acid a couple of times and it felt meh. Like most things. I do like my bicycle though. Damn i want to go ride another 100 miles again soon. Maybe push it to 200.. yeah

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Song 2, more like web fucking 3, cmon bb! No tease

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5$ waiting room. What can I get you marines?

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ill have whatever hes having please

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2.5$ cumming right up ;)

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But make it double

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Big Mac Hamburger

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sorry bois it might take a while, my ass is being handled right now by other bois but it will cum up eventually, give it a few hours ;)

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You peoples telling me to buy this chainlink coin to become a rich why?

I buy all my moneys and now I only losting . I am down 0,07% ok motherfucks why you did lie to me ?????

Fuck thes dream of richness ok fuck thes fantasy of american dreams ok

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Should've bought Cruzbit, anon.

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Shouldve shorted link, rajeet.

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Commence the dump.

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Scooping up RFR like it's literally stealing.

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You’re here forever fren

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put an alarm on blockfolio for chainlink price drops then relax

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3k eow

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buy cruzbit, dummy.

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wouldn't the daily chart appear different to each person in their own timezone? or is the daily standardized to a specific time zone such as GMT?

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These are the people I'm trading against, think im gonna make it after all bros

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Hahahaha this is hilarious anon

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aww, is the docusign share price down -30% getting you down? or maybe the desperate chainlink node general, written by CL PR to attract people to actually create currently non-existant nodes?

>t.chainlink holder

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I can feel something on the horizon salute to all the vidtsionairies still holding, your patience is about to pay off handsomely.

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you haven't dumped yet?

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i just want five measly dollars in a couple months, that'd help a lot

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Weak hands will be suffering soon

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I could buy 5% of the total supply for like $5K right now.

Could this hit $10 if I wait 1-2 years (or Libra launch?)


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This is literally a scam. Nice “convince me...” tactic, pajeet. No anon genuinely asking this would include the link to the market listing.

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i want opinions. if we bounce up again (we should) . . . do the math.

i already own 50k. if i buy another 40k, well....yeah. whaley town.

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also, do make yourself look stupid by explaining how this is fair distro meme-coin is a scam. kek. stay poor fag-boy.

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retarded post. you should invest in a bib and a helmet

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And why would libra (if it ever launches) make this coin moon. This is like bazinga coin all over again.

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>get my paycheck and realize after all my deductions I am only getting 66%


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scum like you have ruined this country.

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man im making 50k a year and bringing in 1250 after taxes biweekly

Its not a good gig

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Why didn't you long from the bottom then short from the top?
You could have made it without internet meme coins.

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this. also why didn't you guess the lottery numbers correctly?

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this isn't rocket science
BYND pumped from IPO then dumped from earning call

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nice, so how many millions are you worth?

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Looks awesome

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OOOOH LIIINKIIIEEES! Where are you stinkies? Stinkers have been getting AWFULLY quiet as of late!
Please remind us about that Google partnership and how these large conglomerates have bent the knee! Tell us more about how your stinky asset is like the oil of all the blockchains! You pick the color of your new Lambo yet, stinky?
O-oh what was that? The dev teams are dumping on you now that Coinbase has gone stinky? Sirgay is getting cold hard cash in return for your stinkers? Those swift "rumors" were baseless and you all fell for it hook, line, and stinker? That 20-minute Web3 powerpoint presentation turned out to be a literal nothingburger?
Oh no no no no no no no no…..


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delete this

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I luv u smug nico

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Get x 6 for Nico’s feet

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Liiiiiiinkconecc!! Ahahaha. Stinkers!

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Guess who has the biggest alt coin holdings in crypto?
Guess who is cashing out everything before he leaves the company and the new guy delists hundreds of coins?

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>cz leaving binance

>actually believing this fake news

He got binance tatted on him ffs

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McAfee got Skycoin logo tatted on him too.

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DUDE... what if student loans was the next bubble haha. DUDE... what if you could short.. student loans... I so smart for figuring it out before anyone else, I am a evil genius with a high IQ

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In order to short student loans, you would have to short the US govt.

Fat chance of that happening.

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How much tax do you have to pay?


No clue I am a neet.

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About out 52k per year

Feels bad man

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5% income, 5% crypto

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Do you earn 130k+ too?

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Aussies, is it doable to calculate your own crypto capital gains tax or do you need to go to an accountant?

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accountants don't know anything about cryto

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Holy shit what was that

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Cruzbit 'bout to lift off.

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