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...It's the reason TVIX is gone....worked too well.

And when oil went negative in May.

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will micro dosing fish oil pills make me a better trader

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If singles I should sell all my crypto

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wait for it...wait for it...
And go back to $12900!

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Lockdowns incoming in Europe.

*Targeting Oil*

Shorts incoming.


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Not an argument, go look at the tech and then kindly rope when you get left behind

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It's a new day. A new day full of possibilities.

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>help make bears look like retards
that's funny since bears are the people in this space who have accumulated the biggest btc stacks over the past years, i only stared being a bear in mid 2019 but have turned my 5 btc stack into 27.5 btc by now. i can only imagine the returns that early 2018 bears have made. being a bear pays off so much because if you short and make let's say $20k, those 20k will get you much more btc since btc went down in the meantime. if you're long and lose 20k, you lose a shitton of btc because your collateral went down in value aswell.
bears are actually the biggest bulls in the crypto space because of their massive spot btc holdings. bulls are poorfags that know their tiny btc stack won't be enough to make them rich so they feel forced to long on leverage with leads to them losing even more money

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it's coming, we just gotta wait a bit more

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you're ngmi

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Please dear god...


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digits for bobo, all hail king Bobo

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I'm still holding. But man, this is not natural, this shit gotta burst anytime soon. What are your exit strategies? Right now I'm providing liquidity in a stablecoin pair so I don't get burnt that bad but, you anon? What are you doing?

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45 mil float
76 mil volume yesterday
168% of float covered

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i'd been swinging for the last few weeks and finally staked literally one hour before andre shit the bed
its honestly for the best, i'd probably have panicked at .024 but i had no choice
we're gonna make it pal

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well i didn't tell you that, but you fags wont listen

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Promotion of negative ideologies by the mainstream media. Portraying superficiality, sex, drugs and whatever else as glamorous and something to aspire to. Like a heard of sheep zoomers in the main follow the lead of the awful role models they are given lest they face social stigma.

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the crypto sphere is mostly populated by retarded moonmongs, and all they could think was
>supply down, price up
things will correct shortly, unfortunately you fell for the leverage meme so its too late for you this time
dont lose hope though, eventually the rats will either bankrupt themselves or get bored and move elsewhere, just keep making the +ev play and you will make it my friend, i promise

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>""had""" 80k

You never """had""" 80k. You """had""" digital Chuckie Cheese tokens valued at 80k. You still have the same amount of digital Chuckie Cheese tokens, they're just valued at 60k.

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>Markets pricing in no stimulus
...You don't say...

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what are your plans of buying back this year after selling obvious top of this "bullrun" last month.

are you a doomer and calling for 3K BTC, or we dipping to 6K only ?

personally, i think we need cleansing
>2-3K BTC
>100$ or lower ETH
>1,5$-4$ LINK

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Kek imagine believing this scam chart. Good way to lose all of your money.

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