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Corona doesn't bother me but my mom is old now and not in the best health, I see it spreading like crazy in the west now and it scares me bros

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I was just planning on doing the following:

-Cash out lump sum of GBP eventually
-Find out how much profit I made from my total fiat investment (not each individual buy)
-Pay 20% CGT on that, no fuss

The government however says I need to be tracking each single trade I've made and the profits

Do I really need to do this? If I made £1 million profit and paid HMRC £200k will they really try and scrutinise further?

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Like how are the feds going to know how much money you made?

Does anything you cash out into your bank account automatically get flagged? I'm with Barclays btw

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BTC hard rejection at 10.5k and retesting (if it gets rejected at 10.3k Bobos win).

I fucking hate myself for not going all in LINK and XTZ when LINK 3.8 and XTZ 3.03. Now it seems to be pumping and I feel like I missed it, but I’m wary that BTC might dump again.

Do I FOMO or wait brOs? BTC doesn’t look so good on the weekly. Hoping it gets rejected from 10.3k today or this week.

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I'm having some beers right now and this video is making me feel like he's attacking me. Kek. OVERLOAD. AUTISM KICKING IN. REEEEEEEEEER.

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>Sea of green IDs

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>just finished degree (M.Sc engineering)
>spent 5 years inbetween doing literally nothing
>zero work experience

what do I write in my CV?

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>I-It's all gonna be over in a month, r-right guys? Please tell me mean Aussie man will go away

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I'm the laziest guy at my office and everyone knows.

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B-brOs should will some Islam attack lower the prices on property or something pls I want to retire to Greece

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>t. hoping there's another dump before pos so he can buy back in

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Okay seeing 44 dubs spooky because
“ The sacred number of Hermes was four, and the fourth day of the month was his birthday.” Anyways I’m going on a schizo rant, moving to /x/

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How is the Crab so strong? Can he even be defeated?

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Is it actually happening tomorrow?

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It's too quiet...

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If people would not sell we could break it. Why won't everyone just buy and hold until next summer?

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There's a scorpion somewhere in my room. I ran to grab a shoe to crush it and it ran off by the time I got back

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I once got caught forgetting to pay for a bag of broccoli and the wagie at the door wrote my name down on some kind of sheet. Will this go on my permanent record? :3

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So I started to browse the webpages of the start ups. I went with US companies first and just clicked on MaxCentive. Alright, so half the links don't work on their page, a lot just redirect you to the top of the home page, and its relatively vague in description of services. 2017 Trademark so operating at least 2-3 years. If you scroll down from the home page, about half way, it says MaxCentive Features, with some weird text in Latin I translated. Idk what Satanic kike shit (((they're))) up wtf this is weird right. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Inventore dolorem, optio reprehenderit sapiente aliquid, voluptatibus rerum dolore esse quas dolor delectus eos debitis corrupti ab.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Inventor, the pain, the choice of the wise man find fault with something, the pain of things, which one was selected for the pleasures of the pain of things from them, the debts of them deal corrupt

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