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>tfw bought most of my ether at 18-20 usd

>tfw still made 800$

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Ethereum confirmed 100k usd per coin in 2020, smell you late, no-coin negros

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>tfw almost fell for the accounting meme
>tfw dropped it and went into sales instead

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spoken like a true cuck

"I don't know how to do it and someone is explaining the jist of how to do it to me so they're wrong and I'm warren buffet" - you

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Relax guys
I just bought it with paypal credit and need the cash now.

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If you had to put you had $1000 in one investment and wait 10 years which would it be?
Stocks, bitcoins, gold?

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Fold river

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>They overwhelmingly fail to beat the market in the long term after costs.
>Mfw I only invest in index funds
>Mfw I AM the makret

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This post
>gave me cancer

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>we have to usurp the upper classes and use the lower ones for that goal
>mfw I have no problem with this

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>Mfw asteriod mining robots flood the markets with cheap precious metals
>Mfw gold becomes worthless
>Mfw mass shitstorm occurs

Star Trek economy when?

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>take all your money
>leverage it 5 to 1 to buy a house
>rent it out



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I need some help with chargebacks /biz/

I want to initiate a chargeback dispute against a guy I made money transfers to via paypal. The guy has a business so I was thinking of arguing that I bought something from him and never sent anything, the thing in my favour is that there's obviously no proof of him sending anything to me but at the same there's no proof that I bought anything from him besides the money transfers.

In my mind it would just go like this: I request a chargeback, paypal/visa asks the guy for proof of sending the product, he obviously doesn't have it, I get my money back, the end.

How would my case go? Can I win or I'm just going to look retarded and like a scam artist? Which well I am but no need for others to know it

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