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I sold all my SNSS yesterday at 1.05

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shill bots posting their dead end shitcoin nonstop since 2017

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40 year old boomer here, there is no such thing as social progress, technological development (especially recent 20th century tech i.e.nuclear weapons and digital revolution) is the result of two millennia of accreted knowledge, not the work of any great person or society. If you think you're a slave you probably are, there is no hope for a better life for yourself or your children without disruptive change. The 4 phase history model is a Gibbonesque corruption of the Scottish Enlightenment stadial history thesis which is based on 18thcentury knowledge base and has been disproven for decades (i.e. pastoralists do not precede agrarian societies, they succeed them). The rule of human nature is IBG/YBG, boomer hate is always hypocritical, you must fuck, kill and hate to make it. That is not my opinion, that is not how I prefer it, it is what comes from behind the veil of Isis.

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>abra global is the one huge unexpected surprise

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>he didn't buy verge at 50 sat

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