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Hilarious I can't stop watching. The moment when the pain is too much for this npc boomer sports fan and he must flee but can't get up from his seat and complains about the indignity of being struck made my day. Thanks zoomers.

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Sounds like someone needs a stiff drink hehehhehe

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Tomorrow is the IC3 AMA

In this thread we decide what questions to ask Ari and the rest of the nerds

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is it autism?

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i know for a fact he has corrected all of links flaws and has had a 20 man team working on it for 2 years, him and sergey had a huge falling out behind the scenes over the slowness of Chainlink development.

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Overall I'd highly recommend the course even if you're already quite well versed in crypto if you can afford it or if you can get someone else to pay for it. Definitely at least wait for the 20% reduction email. But it is well done, surprisingly so. I've been reading enormous amounts about crypto for 2 years but there's still plenty I got out of the course. It won't really help developers with the technical understanding of crypto but if a dev was looking to love into crypto it would be a good place to get an overview.
tl;dr it's expensive but good. The same resources are I'm sure available online for free but with obviously no structure or accountability. The accountability alone was useful for me as I'm finding with the Linux course which is all at my own pace (extremely slow)

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how do I cope and learn from my mistakes. Sold at 11800sats and just bought back.

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The term "Proof of Work" or PoW was first coined and formalized in a 1999 paper by Markus Jakobsson and Ari Juels.


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