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>Wow anon, you have hundreds of thousands of dollars in crypto but still live with your parents?

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I am starting to feel rich. Also I have LinkPool.

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It may not happen for a while but link will catch up and over perform.
Biz is like 99.9% normies now and half of them came since the bull started. They are clueless and think they know shit, putting their poorfag 4 figure sums and “flipping” alts like a “wolf of wallstreet”.
This is how bubbles are, and i think the LINK suppression is basically to hols these faggots as ammo for later. They are being trained to be extremely high time preferenced and non patient, so when LINK oumos while market crabs there will be SO MUCH liquidity from all their poorfolios that link will giga pump as they chase it.
They are literally being groomed by the whales right now.

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Say my name.

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>cash out

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Have a (you)

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>It will get rejected at $28 hard you dumb shit. It's literally the most overpriced shit-token there is in the whole crypto space

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You niggers gonna throw away this last chance to load up.
Reddit flooding here and buying shitcoins and feeding villagers is a blessing. None of them are loading up on LINK while it crabs before the next huge leg up.
Im so proud that despite invading us they still wont make it from LINK.
LINK is following ETHs btc trajectory 1:1.
Keep up the FUD marines

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Staking is probably a long way off. Abritrum keeps getting delayed.
OCR is meant to start rolling out soon but im not sure it’ll matter much seeing as LINK already secures most the market yet the market doesn't reflect it.

Is there anything happening this side of summer that will prevent it bleeding back to 10k sats?

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Shieeeeet. Nice alpha. Hold a nice stack of SNX.
Pic related.

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Holy fucking kek. I remeber him selling link after 1 or 2 weeks

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Why can't this pajeet shitcoin break $1???????????????

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You and me bro. Where's everyone these days? We can't be the last ones still coming here

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>I'm an oldfag not a shitcoin shill.

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>got burned on chainlink

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LINK singularity imminent.

What we need now is Definitive Truth(TM)

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You can't make this shit up. Someone created a fake contract and people did what? You guessed it, bought.
Fake: https://info.uniswap.org/pair/0xcb49221ad08e84b1692f80b62cd5f90c1aadbe6e
Meanwhile, original contract is: 0x817bbDbC3e8A1204f3691d14bB44992841e3dB35

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>based on nothing
who wants to tell him?

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Tick tock BTC maxis.

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I know that feel sometimes I go cross eyed when I do buys now seeing how little adds up to.

>bought at .70
>bought at $1
>bought at 2/3/4/5
>bought at 8/10/12/15/20

Realistically now at this point I’m starting to find other low caps to buy into but I’m still accumulating LINK to this day. If you know what it is not buying when you could buy is retarded.

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