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>What happens if owning BTC is made illegal, possibly as far as death penalty as punishment? I'm a BTC hodler but never had a good answer to this.

Bullish less supply for every holder executed.

How can i long this?

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forex is a losing investment. All currencies slowly lose value over time (inflation). When you play forex you're gambling with shitcoins whose value is slowly falling to zero.

With crypto, on the other hand, the value generally goes up over time. So even if you just stay put in one trade you're likely to make money, unlike forex.

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CNBC talks about Bitcoin almost every day. Every time some goldbug faggot says they're hedging with gold Brian Kelly or they bring this Mike Novagraztz who both say yeah gold but Bitcoin is a better hedge.

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> https://www.cnbc.com/2016/12/29/forget-about-dow-20k-bitcoin-is-about-to-hit-1000.html
Retards would also think CNBC calling for Bitcoin to break ATH in December 2016 was a sell signal too. This is just getting started. 2021 is going to be spectacular

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