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Thanks for paying for my bitcoins in the form of student loans 4 years ago. As a sign of my gratitude the wagedrone who gets dubs will recieve 0.1 BTC.

On one condition. Repeat the following and post the vocaroo

"Oh superior neetgod, please please forgive me for being a pathetic wagedrone.

I try to fight it but I'm just too addicted to sucking goldenbergs cock.

Although you deserve my tax money in the form of benefits despite being a millionaire, I humbly beg for 0.1 BTC.

This was a message to all neets from the wagecuck union. We admire it, you're superior"

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Do you regret holding more, or do you regret selling more?

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If i ever became a millionaire from coins/whatever I would totally still sit on 4chan and shitpost I just wouldn't be worried about money.

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who comfy here

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Please suggest me how you would invest 10000$ in coins for long term holding.

At the moment, I would invest it in Monero and Etherum. Do you have other suggestions how 10000$ can make me rich in a few years?

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Unless hacking, it is legal. Worst thing that will happen is you being banned. Make sure you use proxies. If you spam or do something unethical like use bots, a possible lawsuit could arise. But have to be very large scale. Pinterest spammers using 50 plus bots have never been arrested.

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that's nice. somebody has to make the money for the neetbux

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>Someone who has been employed for a while is giving you the evidence of submission

>Evidence of submission is displayed by having gone through years of the ritual of depriving himself of his personal freedom for nine hours every day, punctual arrival at an office, denying himself his own schedule, and not having beaten up anyone. You have an obedient, housebroken dog.

> Perhaps by definition an employable person is the one that you will never find in a history book because these people are designed to never leave their mark on the course of events. They are, by design, uninteresting to historians.


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Tomorrow I will become hard working and sort my life out. I know I said it a few other times but this time I mean it. Let me commemorate this last day of sloth by binging on junk food

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