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Can we actually have a positivity threads for people who manage to do your research?

1.First sit down, take a couple of breaths and know that you got in here early, no matter what anyone tells you, you are in here early! Congrats! Don’t believe me look up google activity, look at activity metrics know one knows but us. Furthermore crypto market has only existed for a short time stop comparing it legacy markets, we don’t even has institutional money coming in yet.

2. Stop worrying about when it will moon, just know that it will and it has strong fundamentals. This is a journey not a race.

3. Revise your budget, and see how much you can afford
keep accumulating and don’t compare other people stacks to yours. Understand how the market moves and have a price in mine to exit. Yes people will make it earlier than you, so what?

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50% of link holders will not sell... leaving the real circulating supply to be around 175 million... holy shit it going to be a blood bath.

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TFW 3K LINKlET prob won’t be enough to retire but at least i’ll have a +20/30 year headstart compared to most normans.

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Whales trying to fuck up with chainlink but no one is selling lmfao.

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Anyone here who actually has a job if you’re not DACing LINK at 10% as a risky investment don’t fucking cry when the rocket blasts off.

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He will bring you neets off the precipice of society and make you pillars is in this brave new world.

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Thank you serg

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