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Its pasta general. Share your pasta.

Legend has it that if you travel east to Japan, you will find an old man living on the coast just 40 miles south of Tokyo. If you give this man $500,000 he will take you to an island just off the coast that can't be found on any map. This island is filled with people without faces or names, who hold grudges over the most trivial of matters. When you arrive at this island the first thing you will see is a swimming pool that is never open. Just beyond the pool you will find a town that is filled with cats. You must find a white cat wearing a pink bow. If you ask the cat how to get to Mexico, he will stand up and ask you for three things: Your name, your face, and your soul. If you agree to give them to him, your face will vanish and you will forget your own name. You can live on the island and have whatever you desire, but you can never leave the island. The only way to escape is to find the cat again and ask for a young child. The next day a van will pull up in front your house. You will hear a knock at the door, and a voice will ask if you want to come to a party. No one knows what happens if you answer the door.

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Fuck it, the product won't run out with this decade of supply and demand.

I can wait.

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Dead geezers frees up dosh for discretionary spending

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never gonna make it

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>Complaining about only having 4k LINK
>mfw 100 LINK and feel content af

If this shit ever gets into triple digits, you don't need that many. Don't become a larping Rothschild.

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Deflowered my wife at 35, she was 18. Stay mad poorfags

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Hit me with your guesses.

A pump or dump next week on monday?
The surges and crashes are just a rollercoaster at this moment. I'm not even sure what'll happen tomorrow on friday before the eye of the storm this weekend.

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One day, everyone's gobblin on the bitcoin until it goes to the fucking moon, crash and then fly again in a slight disrepair.

Now we have these things called chainlink and
etherum, ethererum, ethurium, eth- the grey bitcoin.

Has this normie missed the surge of this? Is it too late?

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