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>Then why the fuck is he too scared to reveal his name?
I wonder:
>Are assassination smart contracts available
by your logic, Sergey should have revealed himself as Satoshi...we know the obvious reasons why he didn't, you're being facetious about it
there's a reason we have to lurk here semi-anonymously

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is CLG a delphi fag?

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ask ari better questions next time

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Ask some of them. There's a female on twitter who has been posting about LINK since the coinbase listing, and she only has a few hundred. Females are much more conservative with investing than men, they don't have Testosterone. Be sure to set aside a small stack (10 or so) for any women in your family who you love and think deserve wealth.

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where did the 216 kayak photo come from?

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Oracle livestream started

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We are all in this together!

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Everything is red on CMC....LINK up 6%...legit

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Fucking nice


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Wall texting. Lol Its like 10 sentences all to the point. Again you aren't disproving any of the things I'm laying out. Just attacking the character of Ari Juels weirdly, with zero basis.

Obviously, you don't understand the "oracle problem". Coinbase can't use Open Oracle alone. Its a centralized source. Decentralization of the source among multiple nodes is the only way to ensure its secure. You will have multiple nodes even just aggregating that one price feed from Coinbase to ensure its accurate. It has to be part of Chainlink, a network of oracles.

The argument in your picture doesn't make sense either. The hidden values of bread and wine or "X" and "Y" will be known to the parties involved in the smart contract and can't be changed without both sides approval. Its a simple protocol because it doesn't need to be complicated and nor did Ari Juels over complicated. There is a 30 minute video I can post where he explains Mixicles during a conference he attended.

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I don't really expect news because Sergey rarely does that himself, they generally let larger companies be the one to announce integration and partnerships instead. I guess he could announce staking as its an internal milestone, but its seems that is more likely to be midsummer at the earliest. I will say the two things lining up together certainly isn't a bad thing. It could end up being a "sell the news" event as well. There is a reason LINK has been choppy lately 3.50ish to around 4.00. Whales are definitely trying to shake out people hard, same with the endless FUD everywhere as well the past month especially.

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Idk your basis point but $100 is possible imo within 12-18 months. Probably closer to 18 months however LINK will go on a run first, retrace a lot and then BTC will go on its run 3-6 months into 2021 bringing up the rest of the market/alts.

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I see no reason to do that honestly. They aren't sure bets. Token burn isn't even remotely comparable to what is possible through staking. LINK virtually is a done deal at this point. The gears are already in motion. LINK is the monetization of data transmission. Eventually ALL data transmission. I've basically gotten lost while meditating on the possibilities that could become a reality. Over 90% of all the monetary value is digital and soon all of it will be. The transmission of money its self is just data being traded between parties, and soon that will encompass all goods, tangible or not. As far as resources your best bet is too look at the archives most likely. There isn't just one article or thing I read. It was a culmination of almost 5 years worth of reading and just seeing the big picture somewhat. I'm an INTJ-A ( its not a meme ironically we are going to inherit the Earth) We must or it will perish.

Let the professionals operate a node. If you fail, which you will unless you have the resources to ensure its 100% 24/7 uptime without failure you lose the staked LINK. There will be futures contracts and insurance contracts for large companies likely to ensure in the event of failure losses are minimized as well. Just buy and stake as soon as its possible

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I market sold all my 30K link

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Genuine question honestly. I have a fat stack because I believe in LINK and will never sell, been here accumulating since the beginning. Can you give me specifics on why you think it essentially isn't a photoshop/forged fake. Idk that much about doing that kind of thing. What would make someone honestly think it could be real? Thanks DR;NS etc We are all in this together.

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Go on?

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Honestly I don't know enough about BSV but there might actually be something here and it seems likely with recent legislation being proposed blockchain/DLT will play a huge roll. Decentralized Oracles are even present in the legislation as well and European central banks are using LINK indirectly via R3. This shit is about to get real

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The logo is literally Chainlink's with an extra line coming down to form the "P". Its almost comical how similar it is

If you really want a laugh I'm in a good mood, go to ID2020.org and tell me who you see on the board of directors. You seem to do enough research so I'm betting you can make the connection.

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Who does this fool? Lol It would have to be anyone who never researched LINK at all. Jesus anyone here since 2018 sees this shit and just feels pity

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He has never once answered this because he can't. He's just a faggot that fucked up once and accidentally forgot to turn off his TRIP or use another account. LINK is clearly the next 500x-1000x. These threads always show up when volume is low and no one is selling.

SAGE this faggot thread

Uncle unironically KYS

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Who is paying you people honestly. The breadcrumbs are getting even sexier lately no one discusses them anymore because we don't need to. Its over we are heading to a digital trustless smartcontract based society. Everyone is just waiting and the rest are clearly new or got shaken out and don't understand what is happening. Go check the board of ID2020.org

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Okay so are going to get another opportunity even remotely close to Black Thursday that happened just over a week ago. The bottom was about 1.36 on Binance if you don't count the insane manipulation and Binance buy order at a fraction of a penny. I'll never sell my main stack but I've swung futures and an alotted amount outside of my make it stack. Long story short I could have tripled my holdings and then some, and thats considering if I didn't even play it perfectly selling the exact top and buy the exact bottom.

What future events could have the same effect? We don't even seem to be following the traditional markets as much anymore. A national quarantine being announced for a certain period of time? Incredibly high death tolls from Corona? Obviously I don't want these things to occur, but I'm trying to peer into the future here. I've done well with swing trading but I failed at catching the knife properly and should have been more patient. I made a fuckton in the month prior to Black Thursday from swinging too and still have a good bit of those profits.

Thoughts, insights etc are appreciated

We are all in this together

Anyone who posts LINK is a scam or something (((glow))) related I will ignore and encourage anyone else that wants real conversation to do the same. Lets learn together and avoid the noise in between.

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Its old pasta that has been slightly reformatted. LINK is the future. I can't decide If I should just leave this place are there seriously no more OG's here? Over 2 years ago there were dozens of threads discussing breadcrumbs and basically arguing until exhaustion over the mechanics. So many new people everyone else must be just waiting or got shaken out idk

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