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>Bitcoin dumps, Rubic pumps.
>Site goes down, Rubic still pumps

Imagine being a fucking loser and not buying in.

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What’s your comfy NEET staking stack?

Mines 20k

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redpill me on kratom is it unironically based or a meme?

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Is this alt season?

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w-what is that?

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Dubs get $RBC EOM

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Based dubs

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.33 EOM

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Benis breaf

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Explain this Token to someone with a double digit IQ. Why is this better than any other swapping service? Why does staking it give such ungodly returns? Who needs to swap between stable coins. I don't understand this but the price of this thing keeps going up and I'm close to FOMOing in

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Where can I buy AVAX? Its not listed on coinbase or binance

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Avax is on binance

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Also yes, XRP is the scammiest of scam coins. Even random 2017 ICO Token are more legit than XRP. The CTO is literally dumping his bags right as we speak, but schizos have been so brainwashed they still buy it

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doesn't seem to come up

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am i on the right path /biz/
i also had link but cashed out after 2x at 21 dollars (im worried)

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Nice job man

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>no Link
>a bunch of projects that use Link

What are you doing, anon?

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This bitch stole my money

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Yea me too

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Did anyone watch DEFI Toronto / Tegan Kline's zoom discussion?
Any news?

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>Go to sleep
>Coin moons while you're asleep then dumps when you wake up

>Go to sleep
>Coin dumps while you're asleep and doesn't moon when you wake up

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>not sleeping with a phone next to your ear, Blockfolio alerts for 1% movement in either direction

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>buy shitcoin
>decide possible moon price
>set sell order for that price
>go to sleep
>wake up with muney

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Sleep less
Or more

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>Put him to zleep
>load ze exzact zame korea fuudd

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i've adopted a polyphasic sleep schedule, the 'uberman' as some call it
drop by >>>/biz/xsg to learn more about it if you're interested

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Trading Volume 18.7Mil
192 eth in liquidity
Get in while the price is low,Its going to be another dao and rubic
Your choice to miss the pump.Easy 5x in my opinion, its been chilling since it came out.

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What’s the best hardware wallet to store my coins in so my hands can clench something physical?

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not ledger

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I see that. Bricking, no support of graph, etc

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Was psychicpebbles the first guy to talk about this meme?

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what did kek mean by this?? Is LINK really Schwabtoken?

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Always has been

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>blue is USDT market cap
>orange is BTC price in USD

bros told me more about biggest crypto scam by Tether Ltd. and post your graphs

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Heard about Skey? A project with great potential based on Defi .. The best part is that SmartKey is already a working project. In a few days, it goes public in the top 10. Has anyone entered?

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>In a few days, it goes public in the top 10.


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