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Can we thank these guys? They single handedly saved us from killing ourselves. Without them im 6 feet under right now

Crypto is crashing but it would be way worse if i wasnt all in on their vision.

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Which cryptos are you watching for?
Not fucking linkiewinkie please, there are very interesting situations, like eos, dash and etc for example.

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>There are people selling Chainlink rn.

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Where do I buy BTC with paypal with a reasonable rate. Localbitcoins paypal niggers have ridiculous rates (10k+)

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get a real exchange

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well nigger its obvious you gotta pay a premium to use stolen CCs

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You have to spend money to make money jagdish. Post hand with timestamp. I might be able to hook you up

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hello, based department?

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I have been offered to do a trap porn by a famous male porn actor and producer. How much do people make in this kind of porn?

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Neck yourself fucking tranny

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somewhere between 600 and 1200
t. porn director

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God i miss fucking damaged goth and punk chicks.

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>just got fired from my job at the based department

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Told you This Kevin Guy is a serial scammer. SEPA is Disabled for last 2 weeks and now extended by another 4weeks. Fucker always challenge CZ but incompetent af.

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Im so fucking pissed. FUCK! Maybe its just cause its my first /biz/ scam burn but im fucking fuming.

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I’m buying more fuck all you faggots. Forehead is based and the coin is easy to pump with bag holders a plenty. Easiest money in crypto!

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Is it still viable to get rich off the hapooningfags and panicking marketfags or has that boat sailed?

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unironically a good investment opportunity for you ameribros


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> called 3k bottom in 2018
> called 13k top in early 2019
> called 6k bottom in late 2019
> called the top in 2020

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Nigga, are you even trying? lol

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Press A to give him your power.

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What should I do?

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Glad I’m not you that’s for sure

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Deposit funds or sell stocks.

It tells you right there.

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>Buying on margin

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/thread theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gz3qq63VnGU

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>selling low

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>no results

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The ship was never going to blast off. I have a 10k bag. Do you want it?

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if all the bagholders are dead, that means theres less circulating supply.

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I'll take it

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rolling for that bag

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blood in the streets anon

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Did you miss me?

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no, but im leaving the market now also so who cares

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what went wong?

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Chainlink was a good idea but suffered poor execution, this is coming from an expert in both cryptography and finance. They are hosted on a cluster of instances designed for image processing instead of high frequency parallel computation... I’m not even fucking with you. Google “mongoDB” latency concerns. The engineers clearly have no idea what they are doing, you’d be wise to just sell and forget.

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what’s your take on kleros

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Never heard of it, never will

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