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Nootropics thread gets deleted
Guy cutting his dick off stays up
Fuck jannies

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Aiyyo, ya mumus must be outcha fuckin mind
Thinkin Bobo can't pull another motherfuckin rabbit out the hat
Mumu I ain't gotta check out my motherfuckin sleeves you bitch ass Mumus
Fuck is y'all Mumus...
Y'all Mumus just thinkin I'm sittin around doin nothin?
Oh my God, y'all Mumus can't be serious

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How much ChainLink (ticker:LINK) does he own?

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0 (number: Zero)

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holy shit boys this is it

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How did this slip by /biz/

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Aragon Court (ANJ) is the future. Aragon is reinventing organizations and governance. With backers like Tim Draper and Brian Armstrong (Coinbase CEO), this thing is gunna moon soon.

ALSO, Coinbase CEO Supports Aragon... This is Bullish for Aragon Court (ANJ). Few understand. Easy 10x incoming.


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Also on Coinbase custody

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he's going to betray us, again

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$400+ by July

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Just sharing the love senpai

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Sold all my eth at 227 thinking that was the peak of someone's pump. Now it's gone wild to 246. Do I buy back in like a pussy because it's about to moon. Or will it go down after the weekend. Fuck

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Scary thought

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So this is the kind of person that will pump my bags. FOMOing idiots. I was wondering who in their right mind would buy ETH at 300+. Turns out its swingies and nocoiners who are worried they're about to miss out.

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money skelly already confirmed that staking isnt coming anytime soon, once the normies find out what that means we're hitting rock bottom
300 top

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>sold all
you messed up there
Don't sell all
Never sell all

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You had so many opportunities to buy below $100. The ship is sailing now. Cope.

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>Why yes, I only own BTC, ETH, and LINK. How could you tell?

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>tfw selling burger prices to smart contracts via my chainlink node
>sergey is a regular customer

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The market doesn't care if a few nigs burn down an autozone lol. You gotta try harder than that.

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Do you actually think chimp outs aren’t priced in?

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>tfw reinsurer right now

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Curio is fundamentally one of the strongest project in Crypto.

All based on Data and Research.

Asset tokenization is the next big thing, and collectibles cars is a $50 Bn Industry.

Curio is the only company in world having legal approval for tokenizing collectible cars.

But then again, Car is just a small part of Curio.

Especially no other project meets the level of Announcements coming in June.

Highest award winning team and strong Contacts with UHNWI

*Only 2 Million Max curio will ever exist.

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Explain market cap to a retard.

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Let’s keep it simple.


* please keep in mind that the new address ends with “3deed1”

For those that held the old token, you were airdropped a BPT and can access it at the address below. You are free to either let it ride or pull it out and convert it into STA at the address above.


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>pumped again
>500% and counting

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this is a fucking ponzi scheme, it reached its height already and now swinging up and down so the rest of u can dump

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3mil burned so far. it hasn't even been so hours

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same I originally just wanted a few grand to bllow this summer but the project intrigues me now probably will sell some at 25 cents if we get there but hoping to hold until 1$

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>this is a fucking ponzi scheme, it reached its height already and now swinging up and down so the rest of u can dump
That's what you were saying on v1 before it literally broke uniswap from the sheer magnitude of the pump

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What would be the easiest way to open a casino/hotel? I know they cost a white ton to open and operate so what would be the best way to do so?

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start your own currency, banking system, legal apparatus, and buy some local politicians, then incorporate

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