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Round female human ass.

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Potential Gem with only 1.6 Million market cap. In comparison YFI and DFI are the only other two YFs with vaults and have done very well.


Move tokens between blockchains effortlessly without relying on a central custodian.
Best new Technology in transaction — YFFS uses the latest in multi-party computing (MPC) and threshold signature cryptography (TSS) research.

Stake Tokens — Hold on to your Tokens to earn rewards for each swap transaction you help to co-sign with the open-source node code.
Staking your asset using the Staking portal. Anyone can become a validator on mainnet and share the non-inflationary network rewards, supporting the next wave of adoption!

It’s a table that shows you the current APR for some yearn — supported tokens across lending platforms. The highest APR for each coin is the provider that Earn is lending these coins to at the moment.

A Vault takes a more active approach than simply lending out coins for the highest APY (Annual Percentage Yield). Via strategies it can farm coins to higher profits than simple lending. Yield is achieved by providing the asset for lending, LP, or farming strategies. These are opportunities that exist in DeFi. Vaults automate these processes and provide the highest (risk adjusted) yield available.

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I like this meme and it seems to be decent quality.

I also want to get cream interior for my yacht

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Look, Feds just flipped the switch (flipped, flipped)
I don't know no other token doin this
Bitcoin bout to drop (ayy, hit the floor)
Now they wanna hold me since I hit the top
Ain't no shitcoin, this a topstock, shit don't ever stop
This the bag that got the shills hot, shills get super hot
Give me my rocket (give me my rocket)
Took a moontrip like I'm Boba Fett
Bitch, I move through borders off of Ripplenet
Secured IMF and I ain't break a sweat
Priced you out, I'm gone (Outta there, I'm gone)
How it go from 30 cents to 2k, I held on
Holdin on my bags (holdin on my bags)
Linkies postin FUD because they scared to back
Got these linkies shook ayy (got these linkies shook)
Put the world on blockchain, cases by the book, ayy
I'm a big dealer, I got 4 figures
I got DeFi but I'm still a bank killa
I'm a swing thriller, I'm a big winner
I'm a schizo-ass iron hand coin shiller
Something wrong with em, blocked me on twitter
I'm a bill printer, season Gorilla
So it goes how it goes
I ain't got no more to explain if you know, then you know

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Brad G took the business and ran it for me
I let David take the blockchain, said 'unjam it for me'
Gave a mil to all the holders in my category
I'm the best thing out, call me The Standard homie
(New standard out here)
Paid, then got paid again
SWIFT had a moment but it came and went
(They don't love you no more)
You don't wanna pay with them
They wont try to settle till like 8am
Holdin PNK until they can afford a Link
XRP bros cut em in on anything
And you know bout Babacugs Schizo, damn
He just dropped a hint, I hit the retweet, damn
Either hand is the upper hand
Got Bearableguy123s instagram
This shit ain't for paper hands
Timeline look like cryptograms
Plans so big, more like prophecies, for real
They been FUDing me but I'm resiliant, for real
Hold my bags in public. Future millions, for real
And I trust the plan, we saving children, for reaaaaaaal
And don't think I'll take it back
Money for my patience, man that hardly break my back
Trezor wallet beta signs off everything I track
Holdin all the profit, man I'm never payin tax
A big part of me relax
Everytime the market crash I reup on my racks
I see all the gains the other coins got on they laps
Fuck they chasin trends a nigga like me chasin facts

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Please dump, one last time.

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Be prepared, we're in for a treat

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>he still hasn't put together the pieces
Honestly anon, where do you think normie money is gonna flow? Not your obscure Uniswap coin. They will go to things they understand.
You ever been around zoomers?
Adoption is coming.


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Important news about NAK

Tom Collier says: "Draft of Mitigation Plan is on the Desk of Internal Expert and expected to be delivered within 2 weeks, if not the week"

Expects that Mitigation Proposal fully addresses all Mitigiation needs -- ROD this fall

He then talks about the final mitigation submission as being in "a few days"

Northern Dynasty expects positive ROD in the next month or so, probably before the elections. Collier stated that even if Trump does not get re-elected, he still holds office until January, and that a lot can be done during that time frame.


Explorer & Developer tab, watch Tom's presentation


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say it with me:

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When will the dump end so I can get back in and make my money back?

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Now that the website has been added an update preview. Do you think voting will still be end of September? Thoughts on how it will go?

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this is a scam, there will be no voting

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Do not let twitter faggots jump before you, fast research and go

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i'm first time this early in a defi token, thanks anon. Finally a light in the tunnel

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UNI is at 15 in two weeks

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$3 in 2-3 days

screenshot this

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i have a 80% success rate

have fun betting against me

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Cóóming to these low crypto prices right now

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Based and acoomulatepilled

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I just got this email from sergey, $1000 EOD

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holy shit its real

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Can I have his email please?

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Just added to coinmarketcap
DYOR and jump in anons
this is earliest as it can be

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Literally just a low effort ponzi. At least try to do something different like TRIB please.

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Catch a break and get some Honey.




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Use a metamask wallet.

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what can you use hny for"?

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where the fuck did he come from!?

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are they the most JUSTed holders on this board?

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