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KILL ME. i just lost 2 hours of work cuz im a degenerate and didnt save the fucking file.
pic related, its one of the things i had to do for a commission

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is the grip made out of marble?

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2 hours is nothing. NOTHING. Are you fucking retarded?

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cry me a river.

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>be OP
>make a black dragon dildo
>mom says I need to clean the garage out of warhammer memorabilia
>come back two hours later
>the black dragon dildo is missing cumstains on the handle
>make a thread on /3/ to ease the butt pain

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I once lost a whole shift while working at a product viz company.

The file got corrupted 3 saves back and the only viable version was from 2 days ago when I only started modeling.

lol 2 hours

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Mine's even worse.
>make the best piece I fucking ever made
>save, close, open next day
>the data is basically corrupt, the vertices are there but the triangle data(or something else, dunno) is all fucked up so polygons go through each other
It fucking sucks.

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2h is a cheap price to be taught that lesson Op. Take the L.

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that's actually my problem too
when I'm working with code the solution is easy: git
when I'm working with assets the solution is: ???
heard that large companies use perforce but that monster is obviously not for me, the individual faggot who doesn't want to lose his shit again

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Just make a new backup every time you do something important.

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please OP, tell us what software doesn't make automatic backups?

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Lost an entire project, over a week of data and time. I never saved copies or remet scenes so now I always make two extra copies, one a save file and one a remet once I'm done for the day. You can't be too certain.

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Incremental saves. And since you program as well, maybe you could make a global incremental backup software. Maybe upload it on git, too.
t. lazy retard

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that doesnt even look like it takes 1 hour to make from scratch?

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Considering that is looks completely symmetrical, probably, but people work at different paces - and it could have been further on than the image shown. Not quite sure how a sword can take too long though, unless it has some intricate geometry that would be a bitch to uv well?

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>playing stupid videogame
>quicksaving every 5 seconds like a retard
>never load the quicksaves anyways
>working on an important project
>program crashes after 8 hours of work
>no save file

why am I like this

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>f2 numpadplus
kek get on my level
i save thrice every minute

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