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Watch this and tell me how blender is complicated or unintuitive.

PS: Fuck the ribbon fuck it to hell!


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Needing to toggle "advanced" options for hair particles to get basic options you need is pretty unintuitive.

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This is nothing Sibelius is quite literally insane.

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i was actually in severe pain watching this video

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me not. i just went to shit and flushed all down. now i sit. watch mandalorian and drink my 4 beer.

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cringe. go back

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This video triggers the standards fags because there is commercial (((industry standard))) software. that has a insane interface and make blenders interface look like the greatest thing ever.

Daily reminder that Sibelius is if Photoshop did hide their "create layer" under mountains of insane and confusing menus with shit loads of QUIT PHOTOSHOP NOW buttons.

Like the software itself wants to tell you
or just trick you into closing it.

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In 2.8, they removed a core function of 2.79, and the ability to unfuck your objects visibility settings is hidden by default.
Also, there used to be a restrict render hotkey, so you could easily turn everything in the scene, hidden or not, on or off in your render.
This hotkey was completely removed in 2.8, and replaced with...nothing.
In fact, you can't even set the hotkey any more in the preferences. Because "fully customizable menu" is something blender prides itself on right?

>> No.727247

Has anyone mentioned it to the foundation? Because they tend to fix oversights like that relatively quickly

>> No.727251

I'm not currently using 2.8x (doesn't work on this crap computer due to integrated graphics)
Restrict render still exists but now it's on Collections (dunno if it's also got a hot key or not)


Or you can turn on the old functionality via a Filter icon (and then Save Startup to make it permanently toggled on)


You did google this stuff yourself before assuming it was gone forever, right?

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