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Assuming you want stereoscopic VR output, is raytraced volumetric lighting a true substitute for DOF?

I read on a forum on 3d (stereo) movies that DOF shouldn't be used because your eye is supposed to be able to explore the whole image and focus on what you want, making it useless.

pic related is my attempt at volumetric lighting in blender

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>depth of field has anything to do with lighting

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DOF is a blur, volumetric lighting is similar to a fog

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why restrict the view at all?
>your eye is supposed to be able to explore the whole image and focus on what you want
pretty much this. did you ever use VR yourself?

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>why restrict the view at all?
dark, misty volumes seem to give more realism in general

>did you ever use VR yourself?

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depth of field would only make sense if you could track the eyes. still this has nothing to do with the other

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it has to do with drawing focus to one object, numbskull

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Dof comes from the way your eyes focus on shit, in VR true dof only would work with eye tracking.

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no it fucking doesnt in the way that fog would do. if you look at a different object, the blur shifts. with fog it doesnt matter where you look.
the effect: completely different.
you: retard.

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so what should I subsitute for dof since dof is useless in vr

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If you want to highlight stuff you'll have to use good lighting and scene composition. Otherwise, nothing. Let the player focus on whatever it wants.

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DoF is a dirty trick for static screen
with VR we(will) use foveated rendering:

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