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currently working on an animation retargeting addon for blender. going great so far.
what's the industry standard for doing this kind of stuff?

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Fuck blender

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Bout time they started work on Dead Space 4.

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motionbuilder is utter trash. crashes once you close the introduction window. viewport controls are bugged. interface feels like its from the late 90s.

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Absolutely based. I remember back in university, when one of my classmates showed me an animation he was working on of a samurai kneeling/bowing. Anyway he starts it, and as it plays the hair and clothes separate from the body. Nearly died laughing, while he was visibly pissed off. Good times.

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Love your daz importer addon. !

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Still better and more widely used than blender

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What a coincidence, anon... my work is filthy garbage too

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I'm done with it now and it's working well
that tho
the very best

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