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Is this Infographic good enough?
Consider that drone's camera was shit (at least, not professional), and the background photo was a little noisy. Everything is custom and specifically made for this project.

(Newfag here - don't be so rude it's my first work lol)

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Depending on what was actually necessary for the presentation this might even be overkill

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It's meant to be a large (about 6x3 m i think) advertising board placed in the same location. So I thought the better (and more realistic) it looks, more people feel like it's already there so it sells faster hahaha It aims at potential clients, not architects and other professionals
Thank you for your words anon, I'll try to save time in the next project.

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i get that the camera was shit but some of the building you are trying to present looks to blown out. I'd lower the ISO, so the whites don't swallow all the details. Normies won't care that it doesn't look like an actual photo, rather I'd suggest to separate the building a bit from it's environment so people get what will be new, or what will be built. Very subjective tho

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Yeah this one [pic related] shows how it looked like before (lacks with another editings as blurring the street broken "edge"). I miss those details specially in the upper level. I'll try to match it better with the background without raising the ISO that much. However I'd like to keep some warm effects (the photo was taken during late winter) so it feels more like you need that swimming pool even if you live right in front of the beach.

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I forgot to thank you for your opinion :)

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hey anon this looks totally fine. I'd increase the contrast a little to make it readable. The shadow on the right really drags the eyes away from the subject

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Yes if I could have waited for summer to take the photo it wouldn't be there (also that f* building should be illegal, you can't build that near the coast; this new building is on the actually allowed limit). The photo was taken looking east so morning time you get the frontal facade shadowed naturally; mid-day that shadow covers the whole pool area; and if I wait later to make the shadow disappear to the right it would have resulted in sunset light, something I didn't want for this purpose. Also, the guy with the drone haven't much free time. Had to work with this hahaha I'll put the "Info Box" right there so I can get good use of that attention the shadow drags from the eyes. Thanks for answer anon

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i rely like it

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it doesn't have any info on it tho... op, i dont think you know the meaning of infographic

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Ty anon

This is the render without contact info, which is irrelevant. I'm not willing to discuss that design, but the realism and looking of the render itself. I've just talked about the "info" in a previous comment, so you've got a big problem thinking I don't know the meaning of that word. Do I have to write "check this render which is going to be Infographic" so you realize what I want you to give your opinion about? Rest of anons didn't have this issue, maybe you don't have anything to contribute with. Pointless answers not welcome.

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I've just realized that "Infographic" in English isn't used that much for this kind of archviz advertisements. But it is often used this way in my mother language (specially to avoid using anglicisms). Maybe you deserve an apology, but your comment is still useless.

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well in my defense the question was, >Is this Infographic good enough? so in my experience an infographic is not just a regular rendered image, it needs to have some structure of information, normally showing some relevant statistics or something relevant to the image in question that is way over exposed and doesn't help the building blend with the rest fo the coloring, i suggest not trusting a cheap drone and or go on site ant take your exposure parameters with an hdri.

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>Infographics (a clipped compound of "information" and "graphics") are graphic visual representations of information, data, or knowledge intended to present information quickly and clearly.
calm down jose, your "infographic" is about a c+ in a 3d class and an F in a graphic design class.

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Next time I'll just say something like that instead of infographic.
Yes I agree with that, I haven't much expertise with photoshop so it's hard to blend the building with background. It would be much easier with an good one to play with, unfortunately there are no drone photography enterprises in my town, and I cannot afford a good drone myself to use my camera. Also I have to find out how to deal with noise better. To be honest I feel like a scrub in post-production when it's time to blend two different scenes hahaha

>In my language, the literal translation of "Infographics" is correct for this purpose, and a lot of people use it like that. I'm not using it in English again, be sure.
Yeah I must definitely learn more about graphic design tools, matte painting and so on.

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