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Opinions on this fella?

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lol just use blender autoshill

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Shut up, retard.

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Spyware. Just pirate. No rules. Only tools.

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it is completely online, retard
like only works through the browser

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its like the ugly midget cousin of solid works, or the better moi with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Started out simple and intuitive, was like an easier to learn solidworks geared toward designers moreso than engineers, so it was focused on a streamlined interface and no nonsense tools.

But they kept adding and adding shit to it and now it's a bloated buggy fucking mess like everything else Autodesk pumps out.

If you're offline for more than 14 days the program becomes inoperable until you reconnect. Once I discovered this I promptly removed it from my computer and havent used it since.

That was almost 3 years ago and I highly doubt it's improved since then.

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With the intent of transferring it into polygons later down the line, what would be a good program to pick up for industrial design?
I've heard people saying good things about Rhino, even SketchUp.

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Rhino is overkill if that's your main objective.

Moi3d is probably your best bet for this. Its Rhino Lite basically. Its functional and easy to use, but also is destructive modeling.

Maya has nurbs tools, offers more control over how the geometry will be tessellated when converted to polys, and even offers linked history states so you can go upstream and edit history without redoing anything. The downside is that they're a pain in the ass to troubleshoot if anything gets weird. Also nurbs to polys doesnt always create surfaces that work well together.

I cant offer any unbiased opinions on sketchup. I think it's garbage.

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