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Hey lads, Im doing an architectural visualisation using unreal engine for the first time and I was wonder what is some good workflows to use for it. I use maya and 3DS max (I want to learn modo as well). I also used substance for texturing. Also what is Unreal's prefered format for models and textures?

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Use Twinmotion

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FBX for models, TGA for textures. Texture workflow is roughness/metal. Make 1 material with texture parameters for your color, roughness, metal, normalmap and occlusion, and make material instances using different map for all your props, that will save you a lot of time for compiling. Your meshes should have 2 UV sets because unreal will use the second one to bake global illumination (you don't have to do this as unreal can create decent lightmap UVs on its own but it might not be perfect)

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