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How the fuck do I photoscan my dog?

I have a kinect and huawei phones.

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stop larping, you don't even have a dog, we all know here that you live in the basement of a vietnamese restaurent renting for 150$/month.

Post a picture with a piece of paper written on it "4 chan" next to the dog if all of that is true.

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ok retard.

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How can you afford to have a dog if you can't finish your walls?

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USA hipsters pay a premium for rought red-brick wall "finishes". The anon is one step ahead of the game

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>USA hipsters pay a premium for rought red-brick wall "finishes".
That can't be true. lmao

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You better believe it's true. My hipster cousin was just telling me how excited she was to move into an apartment with red bricks.

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> Imagine the smell of her naughty snatch

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Fucking hipster finish your house before scaning your dog.

You don't deserve the dog you souless leftist.

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Its easier if you stuff him.

Taxidermists aren't cheap though, especially when it comes to dogs.

But in the end you'll probably have spent less than you would have on food.

Good luck.

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My local library has scanners. You just place whatever you want on the surface, close the machine, and it will automatically scan. Super easy.
Maybe try that? Don't know how thin your dog is though

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>the basement of a vietnamese restaurent
Mmm, i was going to call him brazilian slum bum from the unfinished walls, but that type of ceramic block hole layout is something i´ve never seen before here. Wonder which country it is from.

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Colombia, I think.

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Maybe. A vietnamese restaurant would have the dog cooked in a plate, and very still for image capture.

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Medellín I guess. 70% of houses there look like this

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Wow, so they now 3D in Colombia, I'm impressed, but he should work drugs cartels he would have a brighter future.

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It's like that in many parts of South America for different reasons. Some places people never finish buildings because you don't have to pay property taxes as long as you're still erecting a building, other places it is the number of floors and size of the building rather than the quality that equals social standing so lots and lots of people always keep it open ended.

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