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Hello, im dabling into 3d printing and i know all surfaces must be "closed" for it.

so i was wondering if theres a quick easy way to join two surfaces that have different amount of vertices in their intersection.

Pic related is an example. Even if i sliced the cilinder i would have to create a lot of vertices to the plane because if not they cant match up.

any way to make this quick or will i have to slave away for hours every time i have to join a surface?

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but it will make a continuos surface?

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How can you use such an archaic software like 3DS MAX?


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what are you trying to sell me? blender?

seriously, waht would be better

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Industry standard. Get fucked, breadless "artist"

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Yes, but you might get errors because of the lack of geometry in one surface

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so if you really want to make a clean model for 3d printing you basically still have to comb the whole model manually to make sure it joins seamlessly

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maybe if you're using a buggy implementation... as long as your input meshes are watertight, the output will be too. This might mean making the plane a into a block and then deleting the rest of the block afterwards, because the boolean operator needs to know what's "inside" and "outside".

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