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> It seem that Daz 3D it's popular on /3/

> What it is exactly?

> The software seem to be free but is it?

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a thread died for this xD

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basically it's for you if you're into virtual playing with dolls.
they make money with the content you need to do anything inside that shit.

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Their community store it's huuuuuuuuuge!

How this soft have a such big community and I never heard about them before?

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What do you mean by virtual doll playing?

Spending hours and hours creating a character, like in an RPG but on steroids?

I only do Archiviz and Hard-Surface, I thought Daz 3D can provide me nice characters for my scenes.

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It is stated to be free but I suppose you need to buy every content.

Do the vanilla version have some characters, it is only for some Archiviz render, I don't need too fancy stuff.

> Why people go on Daz 3D with all the 3D markets out there?

> Daz 3D market models are not in .obj or .fbx, so why even bother?

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Their Free stuff :


Lol, not even a man in a suit, how would I do for a nice Archiviz render?

I browse their store and it seem that this software is a magnet for pervs.

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I think I can use Daz 3D to draw poses at least.

Some ppl call Daz 3D the little brother and free one of Poser.

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for fucking archviz juz download pack of 1000 cutouts of people for 50$ and composite them into scene, waste of time to even download thiz dazshit

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>it seem that this software is a magnet for pervs
Yep, you got it right. Don't use Daz unless you have a very good reason to (for ArchViz would be one) and can hide it well enough. Sadly, Daz figures have a very easy to recognize look.

For your goal it's probably better to use 3d scans of people. Even if they are meant to be in the background, the quality of clothing (textures, draping) will make a difference in realism.

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Thanks anon, your answer close the topic for me.

However, if you draw and paint I think Daz 3D can be a quick and go solution.

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I'm seeing lots of little girl models but not many for little boys, does anyone have any cool costumes for males? NSFW LGBQ++ stuff is OKAY and preffered.

Are there any sites where people share pics like this?

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> Are there any sites where people share pics like this?
Pixiv (you've been warned)

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everything is free on Daz, you jusrt have to wait a little, very easy to use,

you can't do modeling but composition is a real pleasure. you just need imagination

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>if you draw and paint I think Daz 3D can be a quick and go solution
Not really. Daz models aren't anatomically accurate in deformation, so they make for bad reference. Perhaps for concepting/composition, but an experienced artist is probably faster on paper anyway.

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[Original Poster HERE, fuck you No.704258]

Thanks for the advice!

Wow it's magic

Fuck you faggot, go to hell and die from herpes in your throat, lungs and guts.

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So Poser by Smith Micro is the best in this case, no?

Thanks for the link

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Don't post that link here you retard

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It is forbidden?

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The vendors check threads here regularly for sites to DMCA.

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what are vendors and DMCA, sorry to sound so noob.

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it gets taken down if you post it on 4chan.

also what the fuck is it with this bait thread

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thanks bro

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Fuck off pedo

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Daz Studio is free. It's for rendering and animation.
Hexagon is free. It's for vertex modelling.

I first got Daz Studio in 2012 because I was pissed off that those little wooden artist dolls never hold their pose and I wanted something to create reference images for me to draw from and it was free. I originally started just using the built in figures and primitives with grids plugged into the diffuse map and would lay out a rough scene and render it with one or two different coloured lights and use the information in the rough render to draw a picture. Then I started using hexagon to build props more complex than just a few primitives and discovered I loved building 3D models.It reminded me of when I was a kid and would kitbash my model kits. Eventually I ended up purchasing 3DCoat and Marvelous Designer so I could have even more modelling tools to make things with.

Now I relax by making models for use in Daz Studio and sharing them for free on Share CG so that other people can do creative things with them. It makes me happy that there are people out there building their own stories with assets I've made for Daz Studio.

I still sometimes use Daz Studio for making reference renders for 2D illustrations but these days I'm finding MagicPoser for android to be very good for that purpose.

This is where I share my Daz stuff.

It's a fun program and a great way to introduce yourself to 3D and if like me you discover you really enjoy the modelling side it's a good platform for rendering your creations.

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Thanks anon, which software would you recommend for artist to have a model to draw, desktop software, free and not free please.

>Cute dancer

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Fucking christ pedo [OP], there's already a containment thread for this shit.
Also I hate you, and wish you didn't exist anymore. So take care of that.

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I hate you too filthy bastard dog.

It's not the first time you enter in my threads to insult me, even if it's all anonymous you start to recognize my writing style.

Go jerk yourself in your parents basement scumish looser. Internet is a bad place thanks to cunts like you.

> I can tell you are still a virgin

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To draw or to model? Best free drawing software is Krita, paid there's Clip Studio Paint, FireAlpaca, Corel, Artrage, some boomers still insists on using SAI in the year 2019 of our lord, and of course, photoshop.

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I don't do much illustrating on my PC these days because I use my Samsung NotePro which has a Wacom digitizer in it and on that I use Sketchbook, which is free if you create an Autodesk account (PC and Android versions). Sketchbook is my go-to illustration program but sometimes if I really need to emulate real media I'll go with Corel Painter, also on my android. It was only $10 so it doesn't break the bank. I've heard great things about Krita but there isn't an Android version of that software (yet).

The reason I prefer to draw on my tablet rather than a PC is because the tablet is very portable so I can take it with me and draw in a coffee shop or anywhere and it feels like actually drawing in a sketchbook.

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[not OP]

It's not difficult to recognize you, since you're the only one starting your posts with [OP].

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Corel VS Clip Studio Paint VS Krita VS Artrage.. Who wins?

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Please rid the world of your autism.

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Anatomy refs for artists:

• Deviant Art (Various threads)

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If you can look past the furry logo, Krita.
You are better off using the Loomis book if you just want to start.

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