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>LOOOOOOL idk how game engines work or nothing
>PBR and raytracing are just buzzwords bro lol lmao

Game engine programmer here
PBR refers to handling the light of a scene in a physical manner. This means photon energy is conserved when it hits a surface, some of it gets absorbed by the surface, and some of it gets reflected. In PBR you have a diffuse term which is lambertian bumfuck easy dot product of camera angle with the surface normal but then you get spicy with cook-torrance specular brdf (bidirectional reflective distribution function) which is based on the physical model described in the previous sentence. Calculating the specular term requires a shit ton of math and that doesnt even get into the absolute fuck ton of math that image based lighting requires (precalculated directional light integration) or in other words, how does the light from your world contribute to your material from every angle. All this shit to arrive at your precious PBR workflows where you just throw in normal maps, specular maps, and diffuse maps and call it a buzzword.

Same shit goes with raytracing, a photon (pixel) is traced out of the camera and bounces off shit until it hits a light source, while conserving photon energy. Same as how light works in real life except in the opposite direction. It's not a fucking buzzword retards.

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program my dick

into your mouth

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Wrong board, faggot.

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sorry, meant for >>704219

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Who are you quoting?

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Saw >>700776 and decided to explain why they arent buzzwords, because I've seen that same retarded argument here as well

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Yur really dum

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> Straight out of university
> No idea what they're talking about
> Convinced that the internet will be impressed, like their mom is, when they drop technical jargon.

Everyone knows this stuff. It isn't special. Stop posting. KYS cancer.

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>the absolute fuck ton of math that image based lighting requires
You mean Monte Carlo sampling with increasing cone angle or just faking it with the the old gaussian? Who in their right mind does the lengthy cosine integration anymore.
You're not a graphics programmer and if this is "a fuck ton of math" to you wait until you start calculating sky colors or volumetric lighting.

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Oh yeah retard? You talk just like OP

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everyone that posted before me is a faggot.

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how does a differentiable renderer work?

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