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Guys, why didn't I start learning Houdini sooner?
My uni teaches us solely Maya with the addition of shit like RealFlow and ZBrush but since I started using Houdini I've realised that it does almost everything much more efficiently and has less limitations. Why do they teach us to use what basically amounts to legacy software instead of Houdini which is rapidly becoming the industry standard of the future? I'm pretty close to taking the autodesk-hate pill here.

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Houdini has a higher barrier of entry. Sooner or later you're bound to encounter programming and math issues. For 98 % of work, none of this needs to be complex; but, still, it's an extra that requires training. It would make courses more difficult to pass, leading to less students finishing the curriculum, and ultimately driving potential students away. Not to mention, it seems that a lot of artistically inclined people hold prejudices against math and comp-sci areas, to start with.

tl;dr: it's harder, and would make courses less attractive to the average art student, which is not in any school's interest.

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Fuck art students

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OP here, technically I am an art student too but yes, I agree. I swear half of my course just knows how to draw anime characters on a tablet and that's the extent of their knowledge. At least I can code.

I suppose you're right and this one-size-fits-all approach is what made me always hate school. Maybe I can do post-grad at some kind of specialist school that isn't full of zoomer weebs and focuses on using the best tools available.

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>At least I can code.
prove it

>Maybe I can do post-grad
you are going to be in debt for the rest of your life

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Import low.tier.bait
int thread_contribution = 0

while (discussion_of_university == true) {
print "you are going to be in debt for the rest of your life"

while (mention_of_coding_ability == true) {
print "prove it"

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>using "== true"

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Do it in Vex now

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Syntax error/10

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Stfu about Houdini already. It's not an (((industry standard))) Autodesk product like Maya. New bifrost eliminates any need to go outside of the (((industry standard))) Autodesk ecosystem.

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when will blendlets learn

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Any suggestions of good Houdini courses for beginners? It's a bit hard to find something good

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>>industry standard
>>big companies use all the softwares

focus on the work

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Focus on tutorials from the past year (H17 and onwards). Houdini is kinda obtuse in its updates, nodes get replaced, merged or separated and older tutorials can easily befuddle beginners. There's loads of free stuff from sidefx and others on vimeo that is as good or better than paid tuts, so don't ignore it.

Rohan Dalvi is the best Houdini tutor for general 3d. Really good pace for beginners and ultimately focuses on making pretty pictures. If he does use vex it's very clearly explained and not just rattling off code.

Steve Knipping (appliedhoudini) is well regarded for fx. Personally found his stuff a bit meandering because he doesn't always layout what he's doing in advance. Check out his free stuff first and remember that the courses aren't necessarily sequential.

Entagma are more motion graphics side, and generally deep dive into vex without explanation of the specifics. Good for existing coders I guess.

the industry is about iterations and a procedural approach is the most efficient way to iterate.

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Thanks a lot for the recommendations, anon, I'll take a look at them. Good thing I've been into coding recently

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Thanks anon I was actually going to get a rohan vid on terrains but found a gnomon workshop on Houdini terrains, does everything in a 17 and even goes over using satellite images to recreate landscapes. Decided to start learning today, so hopefully I get there within a few weeks

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What the fuck is wrong with maya users? Why do they absolutely have to keep telling everyone in every thread that maya is better?

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That post was actually written by a blendlet. I can tell because of the parentheses and having met a few blendlets in my time.

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Link? I've been trying to pull terrain for satellite images for a while.

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i hate houdini because I want to draw things on my wacom pad and make 3d cool looking things not code. i am an artist not an autist.

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Nevermind. Found it on see gee pears

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So, all things considered, how does bifrost stack up against houdini? and what about c4d particles?

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Only old people hate learning, anon.

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>t. autist

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Oh Snap!

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The new Bifrost is impressive, there are a bunch of youtube videos in the past few weeks showing examples of what it can do. But so far it's not really a serious competitor to Houdini. The lack of rigid body sims rules it out for my needs atm. It's quite possible that Bifrost improves enough to become a decent alternative to Houdini for small things in the future though.

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I don't use houdini but... I'm considering it now.

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you guys got a production ready character animation toolset yet?

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>production ready
I'm gonna pull a blendie and point you to that one movie animated with Houdini: https://www.awn.com/animationworld/disney-goes-wild

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