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I'm making a model of a mech (so far just the leg and the waist) but it feels a bit plane and empty, how do I make it look more aggressive and tech?

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By using the questions thread or /wip/.
And by having a solid concept from the beginning.

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next time try to get lots of references before, >>>https://www.google.com/

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I would put a lot more detail on the foot and the leg to match the "Thigh".

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Make the leg thicker and put some detail on the calf

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Why does it got 2 dicks?

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Make concept art using a lot of references before starting instead of modeling aimlessly.

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Armor on the thigh and shin areas looks wimpy and makes no visual sense against the over-detailed waist and plain-jane gundam foot.

Look at some gunpla and figure out what looks good to you. Copy, modify, adapt. Dalong.net

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you say that but when i post my shit in /wip/ nobody talks about it

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>muh attention
You're not entitled to internet points anon.
If you want people to clamor over your shit go to Reddit.

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