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I want to make OC that can be insert into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but I'm struggling to find ways and techniques to make texture, UV, and Normal.

I have no idea if UV needs to be so accurate that they connect together.


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I noticed how they used flat color texture, but there's additions to it called Normals, and when I compare to Smash Brawl texture, which is heavily designed, to Smash Ultimate, it threw me off on how to design it well enough that it looks fitting to Smash Ultimate or any video game or cartoons.

I am aware of the Bake render, but it usually gives me "no image or texture to bake to" FULL RENDER options, and I couldn't find good tutorials for it. I also notice it has Normal bake, shadow bake, etc. But I don't want to lose my shit when it made wrong designs. I know to copy and back up, but I need to learn more before using it.
I want to use bPainter for this but I feel like there is better alternatives to it.

Here's the front image of it. [2/2]

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cool story

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What program are you using.

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OP here. Yes blender.
I use 2.79 because my PC couldn’t deal with OpenGL on 2.8

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I just took a look at this ultimate version of Mario. They just do the usual workflow of placing seams where they would occur on the clothes. Starting out I would look into substance painter and just use some skin materials and clothes textures. Look up some youtube tutorials on how to use it.

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I know piracy is an option [spoilers]and I do not want to risk it. [/spoilers], but is there an alternative to Substance Painter?

Or you're saying take and grab those cloth textures?

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Risk what? No company cares about the use of pirated software unless it's being used to make money.

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Yeah. I want to make living making video games, so that's why I said that and asked for the alternatives.

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Just dev on a pirated copy and buy it when you want to publish.

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Can't argue with that. Except about publishing fees where I need money to buy it then publish, but I can just do jobs or something since it's so cheap.

But anyway, my focus is making this model look so great that it can fit perfect in Smash Bros. Ultimate. Is there a way to make Normal maps on 3D Blender?

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I just got Substance Painter, and just my luck:I couldn't even access this, for same reason why I can never use Blender 2.80.

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Just do what it says, faggot.

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Hah, i too i'm trying to put a character into smash, thing is, not a damn thing will work if it's not 3ds Max.

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I just already did and it didn't show up, you jerk. I tried opening again 2 fucking times and it gave me bug reports, and then the maximum memory it reached was 526k before it closed by itself.

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I primary use 3D Blender, but I can use 3DS Max for what you use for, but right now, my main focus is for my OC to look beautiful texture and Normal-Map wise before I can try using 3DS Max.

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Which I need help in finding tools or ways to make texture better than what I know, or ways to make Normal Maps without using the trick from the Anvil video since it nearly fucked my PC up.

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>wants to make vidya
>doesn't even know how to fucking texture an object
You need to start smaller. Learn how 3d works before trying to hamfist shit into another video game, let alone a console video game.

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I do know how to texture dude. I am asking help in finding more options or ways to make higher quality designs with textures and normal maps. Right now, I'm looking deeper with Normal maps on how baking works.

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I'm surprised nobody has made naked smash characters aside from maybe cheap texture swaps

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>I do know how to texture dude

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You clearly don't.
Normal maps won't do shit for you.
What the fuck would you even bake to this? You have to have a high poly to bake normals from.

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I’m going to sleep now. Anyone, Thanks for helping. And fuck someone who likes to bring bad mood to people who only just ask for help and struggles.

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painter will probably not run on something as old as intel 4000, I remember trying to run it on my old gt8600 and it was loading for a few minutes and then crushing second after finishing loading.

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Cry more. You asked for help but brought nothing to the table to help with.
You're literally asking "how do I texture?", while also saying you know how to texture. If you actually knew the basics that you can find literally anywhere, you wouldn't be having trouble. But you insist on forcing your way through something without actually understanding what it is you're actually doing.

Putting solid fills that you made in paint on an object isn't texturing.
Is that supposed to be your high poly? Your low poly? You don't even know what you're baking, how, and why you're even doing it. You probably just read the term somewhere and figured that was what you had to do without actually knowing it. You don't have any real normal details to bake.
Not to mention there's tons of tutorial videos that spoonfeed you all the way through the process.

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i think this tread is a bait

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Fuck off with this bullshit, cunt. All I ask for is explaining on finding ways to make best quality on textures and ways to make creative normal maps, and I asked for tips or advice on making UV, texture, or Normal maps beautiful enough to look comparable to Smash Ultimate. It’s a very low poly model seted at Subdivided by 3 to see best results. Everyone has faults in themselves, even me, but If I’m too fucking stupid, the model would look fucking awful and a joke like the Doughnut Meme.

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>how do I git gud?
Literally git gud and learn the basics.

>I asked for tips or advice on making UV, texture, or Normal maps beautiful
Unwrap your model, take it into Substance Painter, Photoshop or whatever program you're comfortable in, and just start texturing your object. It's been said several times. Or just do procedurals in Blender since you're already using that. Literally just throw noise textures at it and go from there.

If you're not a decent artist or can't make sense of how to make something look good, then learn the basics of how to draw or paint.
There's no step-by-step guide on how to not be shit. Throwing normal maps onto something and changing your UV unwrap won't suddenly pull everything all together. Learn the basics. Learn what you're doing and why you're doing it. Nothing you do short of actually learning how to do

>the model would look fucking awful and a joke like the Doughnut Meme.
It already does.

Stop ignoring facts because your feelings are hurt. If you can't take criticism and hard facts you're in the wrong line of work, buddy.

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I'd just tile a cloth pattern over the texture in something like photoshop and save it as a separate texture, and do some editing to turn it into a normal map here. Photoshop has plugins for that, I think.
If you want to make a normal map, you can either model additional detail and bake that down, or just get an image and do some editing to turn the image into a normal map.

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What the hell am I looking at? That's not how fish should be served.

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I had no idea you could make custom smash characters.
I just aßsumed ninty was way more protective than that

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your hitler is showing

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Unfortunately gameart is hardware intensive. You are stuck with photoshop I suppose.

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Is there a tutorial about that?

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where have you been? this has been a thing for years
pic related

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