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Hi /3/,

I am going to buy a new laptop for 3D with an Nvidia RTX 2060 GPU.

I was thinking to buy one with a RTX 2070 or RTX 2080 but the prices go crazy, you need to add 400$ for an 2070 RTX and close to 1000$ for the RTX 2080.

So, this idea came to my mind: "Buy an exrernal GPU!".

I was thinking to buy the Razer Core X + a desktop Nvidia RTX 2060 or 2070.

So now my questions are:

> Would my laptop use his own GPU + the external GPU if I do render by GPU

> Do the Razer Core X is a good choice?

> It is risky to buy an occasion desktop GPU?

> Would it also work on Linux (Manjaro or Mint for me) and Would I be able to use the two GPUs at the same time to render?

PS: Yes my new laptop would have USB-C

PPS: I will buy this machine: Dell G5 15 5590 - 15.6 inch FHD - 16 GB RAM - GPU RTX 2060 - CPU INTEL i7-8750H

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> Would my laptop would be able to use both GPU at the same time to render GPU?

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Stop with the fucking renderfarm laptops. Giant laptops are a pain in the fucking ass in real life.

Just get a solid laptop that's portable.

Also get a powerful desktop for rendering at home.

It will cost you the same, but you'll be able to actually use your laptop daily since it won't be like strapping a fucking dumbbell to your back to move it.

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I don't GPU it.

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If I build a desktop computer I would also need to buy a GPU, so your argument about loosing money is vain.

The only money that I would "lose" in this case is the cost of the box for the external GPU, that is around 300$.

I don't mind to put the box under my desktop and let it run when I reneder, it is all plug and play.

Bro, Imagine 2 x RTX 2060, I am sure you can GPU render an basic interior scene in 5 minutes max and in 4k!!

That's a solid arguments to me.

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Guys my boyfriend convinced me to just buy a Macboom instead as it's what all our friends use.
Will I still be able to add a external GPU?

I'm not sure if this is worth breaking up over to be honest, I deal really badly under pressure.

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you mean Macbook?
Tell your boyfriend he is an idiot.
>it's what all our friends use.
Tell him twice.
DO NOT BUY A FUCKING MACBOOK to do 3D. That's the most stupid thing you could do. If you have that amount of money do as >>704120 says and get a desktop and a laptop but not from fucking apple. You want to do 3d, forget apple. It's shit. Everybody doing 3D has already ditched apple, only fanboys and retards are left.

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Fuck you larper, I am the only OP here, go to hell pervert souless scum.

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Bump, because I can

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[TRUE AND HONEST OP] (you can tell because my name is [OP])

Fuck all of you fakers.

I made this thread, and numerous others, because I need a new laptop to render underage DaZ porn on.

My dad won't let me do it on the family computer anymore. But he said I could do it on my own laptop which he's buying me.

I figure I could sell the images online on Patreon to pay my dad back.

I need info on everything related to making it so please provide it to me in separate threads!

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Make sure you get one with a good IPS display if you're dealing with graphics of any kind. Sorry, too much in a hurry to look up yours, but many people forget about this

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Well, well, well.. to be honest first time I read this message I laughed and the second time I even laughed harder.
It was funny I really laughed.

Your autism is delightful.

I think you come from Brazil or Colombia.

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Okay, thanks anon, I planned to buy a 4k monitor (Asus or Philips).

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Don't get Philips, anon, the quality dropped harshly over the years

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okay, thank you fren.

Asus it's a good to go?

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