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I have some wet maps that look great on a characters face, arms and legs. However because her breasts are so big the texture gets stretched and the water rivulets and droplets don't look convincing anymore due to the stretching. Is there anyway to avoid this? In what way would I need to modify the texture to avoid this?

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Quick, someone tweet this to Sarah Mei and tell him that this picture was found on Stallman's computer.

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delete yout model and project. no model, no stretching.

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Damn how old is this pic? It looks ancient

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Ancient movie, ancient meme, ancient picture.

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Once you anons have finished dogpiling you can answer the question.

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what the fuck

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Bro you should go to the psychologist.

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Do you fap on that OP?

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you could get that model into substance painter, drag that map into a layer, and than change the projection method from UV to tri-planar, and then fiddle with tri-planar settings

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Already been, aside from generalized anxiety and depression I'm fine. I just like bimbos.
The blue eyed blonde version with pink lips yes.

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Help you create these monsters?

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I think she's cute and grotesque in equal measure. Which corresponds to my general view of women funnily enough.

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Like this answer

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Absolute yikes.

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This is the true purpose of 3DCGI.

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DAZ, right?
Get that bitmap into a paint app and try to guess a convincing scale to the droplets - squeeze them until it looks normal when rendering.
And that´s your only option.

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Yes it's DAZ. So make the droplets smaller?

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Unless it´s a tiled or procedural map, and not a UV coordinate one.
Why don´t you post the bitmaps and full body render for us to check, we might give you a better technical opinion - just censor the nipples and vagina and you´re good to go.

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Here is the map for the figures face...

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As you can see it looks relatively convincing in use...

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(yes I'm a fucked up degenerate) Here is the map for the torso (reduced in quality to meet 4chan image upload size limit)...

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In the right of center you can see the deformed droplet. Same pic, same bump/spec, etc settings, light source is 4 square lights in the ceiling directly overhead. See the difference compared to the face? Am I right in thinking it's texture stretching/deformation?

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The original model, obviously, had smaller boobs.
You are in luck: it´s an easy fix - just reescale the droplets in photoshop and re-paint the lights and dark water lines - i assume the original artist used a 'dark' water droplet bitmap and a 'light' water droplet bitmap to paint the body wet patter. I don´t think you will be able to deform the droplets perfectly to acomodate the stretch, just be satisfied with the resize. Your patrons won´t complain, trust me.

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sauce please

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Did this. Duplicated the map, rescaled to 65%, photoshopped sections of the rescaled map into the original map and it looks right. Thank you very much for your help.
Me. I'm the perv who dialed her, zbrushed her and rendered her. I was going for a jailbait Jessica Rabbit.

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Then can you like... post it?

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Do pedos pay well? Im thinking about start modeling cunnies.

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Not on a blue board.
I don't know, probably? Might be tricky to get paid though. Good luck setting up a patreon lol.

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She needs brighter eyes. The sclera looks like wet paper

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>can't unsee that now
Should I apply the same settings to the sclera as the iris?

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If you look at photographic portraits, it seems like the sclera appears white even in dim settings. I think photographers adjust their cameras and the lighting to get full detail of the subject's eyes. I would brighten the sclera so it's a similar brightness to the glossy sweat and try to get some bumpy and colorful reflections in the irises.

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is this the blender donut thread?

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I had a similar issue with my character except he had a huge nose rather than huge breast. Go back into the uvs and cut a seam from the nipple down, that should help flatten it better.

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