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>Why yes, I used to work only with industry standad software in the past, but decided learning some Blender because I see the industry turning to it in the future. How can you tell?

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> Based faggot

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based free software chad

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>You are objectivelly wrong, Chad. Maya will NEVER be debunked and will always be the industry standard.

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Can you imagining samefagging your own thread? The need for validation of blendlets is incredible.


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How do blenderfags set up per object lighting?
How do blenderfags set up hotkeys to fire up oft used commands or mini scripts?
The above are a fucking breeze in maya, in blender it's like pulling teeth.

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Not only that but now blendlets claim that the performance has (finally) improved in 2.8. I loaded a high poly sculpt, the mesh has barely 2 million polygons. Guess what? It's just as bad as before. Blender becomes sluggish and unresponsive.

I load the same model in Maya, it's butter smooth. I could import a 10 million+ poly mesh in Maya and it'd remain smooth.

I had similar experiences in blender with multiple high res mats. It just can't stomach it while Maya will take as many high res mats as you want.

Blender is a joke and it's deluded fanbase is quite sad.

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