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Any recommendations on modeling something like this? Any useful guides or tutorials? (I know all the technical aspects of Blender, I'm just not that imaginative). I have a ton of reference images, but I really don't even know where to start.

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Any object no matter how complex is just a collection of simple shapes. Theres are a million way to do it just don't try keep all of it in your mind at once, just pick a place and start somewhere and focus on making that local shape and take it from there.

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I wouldn't say you have to be imaginative since you have what you need in pic-related. Just start blocking out the base with primitive shapes then start adding detail gradually. Also use the fucking questions thread you stupid piece of shit fuck you cunt

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When I look at an object like that this illustrates how my brain start breaking down the shape into manageable bits. None of those colored shapes in isolation is difficult to wrap your mind around and start modelling.

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Thanks for the advice!

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loos up arrimus3d on youtube, he have video called details on curved surface or something like that

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based on what

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That seems needlessly complex.
The handle is just a modified cylinder and the top part is a modified box with a bridge between them for the back part.

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inherently based

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He's showing OP how you can take anything that looks complicated at first glance and separate it to many simple peices.
It's a great demonstration and he is based.

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those pieces aren't very simple though

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As a fellow /k/faggot I will probably be showing up here. OP is based for making his own gun shit. Also, does anyone have tips for calibrating Blender for 3d printing, or is that more of a /3/ question?

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Get fusion360, export cubes 1mm 1cm 10cm 1m 10m import into blender. use that to work out the right size to save things as.


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Break those pieces into smaller pieces then. The point is that anything that is difficult to tackle, is easier if you break it into more manageable chunks.

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Is this for a game or are you making an actual product? If the latter then blender is a no no

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