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Man, how do I get into this e-begging gravy train? Please advise.

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Nvidia is NOT "the industry"

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>the main GPU manufacturer is not the industry
ok retard.

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shut up retard

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Do something of worth for once in your life.

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I can see in 5 years there will be a big scandal about this lot and all the money they must be misappropriating.

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Nvidia Optix Cycles support improve.

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RIP Blender, Epic now Nvidia, it's over.
Just when i was about to learn it too, it's a mile away now but it's coming.

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>but it's coming.
The fuck are you talking about?
>inb4 hurrdurr they buy de blender :DD

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And in 5 years what will you have done with your life??? Will you still be on this board? Will you still be a waste of space?

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blender will be converged, you just wait and see

the industry uses all the tools available

pick a software and go do shit

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>all the money
>80k a month for a whole team of developers

You must be dangerously poor and completely detached from reality.
Take a look at what top level devs at Microshaft and Ahoge get or even better, how much funding those companies have and then think about shit again. It's actually surprising how far they got with that little funding, especially considering it used to be way under 5k/month not long ago.

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T. Blender pajeet who will take every single blender user's job when it becomes industry standard, based

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I'm fine thanks for asking. I just do 3d as a hobby.

>Will you still be on this board?


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>all the money

unsurprisingly, every single blender detractor ends up outing themselves as talking out of their ass. like pottery.

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>it used to be way under 5k/month not long ago.
That we know of. I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out that Israel was covertly pouring large amounts of money into the Foundation.

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autodesk fags seething.

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The truth about blender in the industry is that no one wants to deal with Adobe or Autodesk. All of the 3DCG industry is developing or supporting blender in some way and wishing that some day they could make the switch.
And blender the software is already mature enough to replace a lot of 'industry standard' tools, the only thing blender's really lacking is being able to provide support for artists.

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The very real danger in Blender being graced with industry support and widespread adoption is that it'll become paid software. Any worthwhile add-on already is, so they know they can get away with it.

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>inb4 Autodick buys out blender and lets it die like Softimage

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Yeah, then it'll be forked immediately.

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The story is that Ton Roosendaal wanted to make a 3d modeling software, call it blender, and sell it, but the domain blender.com was already taken by a blender company, so he used blender.org, which can't be commercialized, and decided to make it free, and to ensure it would stay free, blender foundation was created.
The developers are doing well so far in terms of money. It being bought by a company really could happen, but I don't think they would sell it.

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Would be fucking hilarious if you actually think this is possible

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>The story is that Ton Roosendaal wanted to make a 3d modeling software, call it blender, and sell it, but the domain blender.com was already taken ...
WTF is this bullshit? Blender is the offshoot of a failed commercial product by Roosendaal, which was "bought back" from its copyright holders (after the company bankruptcy) with the financial help of the community. It only became GPL software at that point.

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>being this autistic
never change /3/

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Most professionals at the zbrush summit said they don't even use traditional 3d apps now so I guess it makes sense to pay as little as possible for the small few things you would do in one.

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