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I can't believe there are people so retarded

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Eh, I think she has a point. That's how I sidestep the "don't sell this model cheaper on other markets or we'll fuck your shit up" policy by Turbosquid.

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Imagine making a thread about this, arguing about pointless semantics. The butthurt must be galactic.

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You should have seen the fucks arguing about AO on /v/ earlier. You would have loved that.

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That's some cringe kino right there. But it's /vp/, severe mental retardation is to be expected unfortunately.

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Thats not true.
a 3D model is just a bunch of vertices connected together.
It can be textured but it doesnt have to be you can literally have wire frame 3D Model in any engine.
See game called REZ.

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what are some good questions to bait /v/ into arguing over shit they don't know about?

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>new pokemon game has different texture
>muh the model must be new also
gamefreak apologists must die they cant stop shill its new shitgame

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Claim PBR or raytracing are not buzzwords

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This >>700776 is a pretty good one.
They also don't like post effects for some reason. So something about the benefits of those should rile them up.
AO, motion blur, color correction, SSR, bloom, it's all fair game really.

I mean personally I don't care for bloom all that much, but everything else has a use in certain situations.

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So /v/ has actual people working on things and not just edgelords out of work?

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>media meant for toddlers has retarded fanbase
in seriousness get rid of /vp/, we don't need it anymore

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But of course.
Do rip off models from Fallout 4, Witcher 3 and Halo and re-texture them - they will be all yours!
Why, you can sell them in the markey and become rich quickly!

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In fairness, a lot of games do those effects really badly.

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You're right, but when it's used properly in places that need those effects it's not bad. /v/ thinks it all applies equally and it doesn't.

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Just start a thread on graphics, get some popcorn, and watch. They're amongst the most retarded threads on the board and that's really saying something. Bonus points for the idiots who claim that real-time video game graphics haven't surpassed the original Toy Story.

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Gotta defend papa GameFreak somehow.

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By the way, that's an autist who's been posting that same shit for about 2 years on /vp/.

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Wait, he was arguing the same thing even before the Ohmori's interview?

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>getting rid of a containment board

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Talking about motion blur always gives the most amusing results. You'd think a board that obsessed with graphics in games would have at least a basic understanding of how and why things occur.

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/vp/ is the board with most underage retards per thread in 4chan.

Absolutely anything.

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But they're right about toy story. You're right about everything else.

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Watch the original Toy Story again and you'll see how its aged.

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Just to illustrate, here's a shot from the original Toy Story. And a fun fact: Renderman, what was used to render Toy Story 1, didn't even support ray tracing at the time; Toy Story 1 was rendered with scanline rendering, not ray tracing like many on /v/ claim. Pixar has a powerpoint presentation about their switch to (partial) ray tracing with Cars here: http://www.cs.ucy.ac.cy/ayia-napa06/presentations/ayianapa06per.ppt

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Are you dumb? /vp/ is a containment board. And Pokémon isn't just about the video game anymore, it's bigger.

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*AHEM* correction from someone who worked with Renderman.
Renderman did support SELECTIVE raytracing since the late 80s. You had to be very considerate about the use, as even single surfaces/buffers with it enabled absolutely tanked rendering times.

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IP is cancer and there is no reasonable definition on when something starts or stops being IP. It's a selective enforcement based on what's perceived to make the most money.

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>t. Can't model anything original so has to steal from successful properties

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>when you lose an argument on /vp/, so you cry about it on an even deader board

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/vp/ has this argument every single week. It’s because of the misinformation from a Japanese article that Pokemon Sword and Shield has entirely new Pokemon models when it only has texture updates. People will defend this by saying that new textures = new models and it’s still somehow impossibly impressive to do.

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It's literally just one contrarian troll who defends everything Game Freak does to get a rise out of /vp/. He's also known as yawnfag.

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this whole thread is just pathetic bitching behind backs.

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A new low for /3/.

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hey bro, I see you sperging on /vp/ again. just want to say, you should dilate before you go on 4channel, just saying

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>t. seething yawnfag

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