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Hi anon,

I am starting 3D. My image have so much noise, I done my scene in Blender with Cycles render, it is a kind of low light scene.

Do you know any software, plugin, magic spell to reduce the nosie?

Picture very much related.

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Blender has some brand spanking new machine learning denoisers. One is integrated made by Intel and another one is D-Noise based on Nvidia GPU processing and is available as plugin.
Look for 2.80 denoiser, you'll find stuff about it on YT.

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I downloaded D-Noise but it doesn't seem to work with me.

After my computer baked the image during 1h10 and I used D-Noise I got this result:

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Are you sure you used them correctly? Did you look it up beforehand? They don't work by simply taking an image or a render and applying them, they work together with actual material and object data. You need some node setup for that.

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Hummmm, okay, no I didn't done any node setup. I thought just by donwnloading it + toggle it that would be enough.

Can you provide me a good tutorial fren?

Do you know a software to denoise picture, I want to denoise this pic.

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In fact you are wrong, I just needed to add more amples at my render.

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Isn't that the scene from one of BlenderGuru's shitty tutorials?

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Why Blender Guru do shitty tutorials?

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Amir, come on..

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I really don't understand your ref.

So provide me with better pl on YT 4 Blender...

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It's difficult to find high quality tutorials about Blender, because there aren't many professionals using it. If you want quality tutorials for 3DCG, my suggestion is that you start looking at tutorials for Max/Maya/Houdini/ZBrush/Nuke/etc.

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Okay thanks, I wait to be better at modeling and Blender and then I will go for 3DSMAX.

Aside Blender Guru, do you know someone else that do good Blender tutorials?

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The CGCookie guys make good tutorials/courses. They are miles above BlenderGuru.

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5 samples

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Thanks for the piece of advice, I will look at it

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Thanks I will try it

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