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I finally after a week was able to do mocap with a kinect.


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Why is the model so shiny, OP?

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no clue why.

maybe too much specular.

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Nice, I can almost see your disgusting fat body in front of the Kinect.

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Cris isn't American

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aren't you the guy who was shitting on linux on /g/ because you couldn't properly use the kinect on linux?

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this is awesome!
How did you do it?

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Is that you dancing?

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Don't be a fag, tell how you did it

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you need a kinect 360 and a usb charger to conect to the PC.
download ipi recorder 2, there's also ipi studio 2 on cgpeers.

record yourself with ipi recorder, then open in ipi studio, there's a youtube tutorial for it.

Align the model to the recording, click process, and export as fbx.
Remember to use the auto rig from mixamo, which works perfectly with ipi studio.

Then import in blender or maya and render.

Easy as fuck.

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But why? You could just download a professionally made mocap animations. It's not like you're going to record something unique by yourself.

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anon you completely avoided me ( >>699702
) i've never been so hurt. I help you out and gave you advice on the thread you made on /g/ and you completely one-off me when I see you again. I'm the one who posted the MMD mocap, told you which SDK to install for the kinect and what software to use. It's been less than a week since you made that thread. This is such a depressing day.

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Grats. It looks like shit! You could have done better spending a week setting keyframes.

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it looks bad, but it's also funny, so there's that.

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sorry parce.

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