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A sort of new tank design i came up with for the us military i call it the M1 bison its dimensions are 10ft in width ( chassis) 20ft in length
(Chassis) and 6ft In Height a. so 10ft shorter in length than the abrams. Sort of meant to be a lightweight main battle tank. Im just learning but heres what i got

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Cardboard tanks and other WIP go in the /wip/ thread.

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its not cardboard i made it in solidworks its a 3d modeling program

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nice try at the thread derailment though

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i mean >>699518

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I think it's not the thread that's derailing, anon.

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>>699528its not cardboard you dummy

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so youre telling me you hav never heard of solidworks?

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i spent a long time on this

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Are we supposed to be impressed, pat you on the back, print it out and hang it on the fridge?
Honestly, what do you want from us? This is fucking terrible.

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While I do support fair criticism for people who want and/or deserve it, you sound like a cunt. Fuck you and your awful design.

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Also that guy who said it was a cardboard take and thought it was WIP was actually really nice, maybe don’t have an autistic sperg next time and read alright?

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Really? Because the guy i talked to wouldve gotten my damn post removed. Im supposed to be chill about that?


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well its not entirely finished yet

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this is the base of the design and what im gonna work around

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Then post it in /wip/

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its still 3d modeling though

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>work in progress

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Then you wasted your time. Have you even looked at tank design in the last 80 years?

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>Posting unfinished models


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>i spent a long time on this
good that you make some progess but mate, the fuck do you mean
pic related is my tank i had lying around. took me around 1 hour for this shit and im a god damn idiot. i dont say this to one-up you, just to show you that what you did is not noteworthy at all.

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Kek, you can do that shit in 5 minutes, why the fuck there is a whole thread for this crap

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i for one believe in the m1 bison

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Because OPie is a special little boy.

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