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Why dont we see mainstream Vidya/Movies with this level of Fur Quality? Most of the fanmade models are utter trash with painted on textures.
If some neckbeard NEET can do it why cant multi million dollar studios.

Why are there so few furred characters of this level of Quality? Is the maker of this model Simply a Savant?

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It's not hard to create fur, but it can be taxing for games.

That's all there is to it.

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>ENHANCEMENTS by LittleDragon

His Krystal poser model was a fucking plague for way over a whole fucking decade. It must have been the most overused model of all time.

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>Most of the fanmade models are utter trash with painted on textures.
>are utter trash with painted on textures.

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>Why are there so few furred characters of this level of Quality?
Because adding JUST a tiny bit of fur disproportionally fucks with your render times. It is just not worth it to turn a 10 minutes render into a 100 minutes render just for some bit of fluff. Even if you had a fucking monstrous render rig, you'd still be tempted to go with the render that is finished after a couple seconds instead of dealing with all the shit setting up proper fur involves.
If you have a more complex lighting setup, render times get even more fucked up with fur.
We're just not there yet hardware and software wise to make this shit worthwhile and most clients don't care enough if shit's actually fluffy or not. Hell, even DRAWN furry shit often looks like polishes balloon animals https://e621.net/post/show/1988536

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Like this, without actual fur.

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i fucking hated that Krystal model
don't ever post that shit again

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fur fags are the worst

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>cakeinferno intensifies

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There are worse

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This man, he has taste.

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kemono is the only acceptable art of furshit

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So little difference between that and normal weaboo stuff that it doesn't deserve a name

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>Why dont we see mainstream Vidya/Movies with this level of Fur Quality?

WTF are you on about, that groom is shit compared to the ones in Zootopia.

Also Vidya needs to cheat using hair cards because you are not going to wait around the 60+ seconds per frame needed to render individual strands.

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Even hair cards is expensive because of all the transparency layers.
Hair is literally a pain in the ass.

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That's not rabbity enough

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get with the times weeb
Azul Lane has a bunch of this shit too

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needs the boop

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blame Microdick for destroying most of Rare's soul before Phil came in

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It's literally just a girl with some ears.
Not even close.

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And whiskers anon! And whiskers.

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Wrong board anon

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Why does she have four ears? Fucking anime...

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>Hair is literally a pain in the ass.
this, hair is fucking aids; whether it is hair cards or xgen/yeti

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Maya 2009 WTF ?
Why bother woth ancient crap
Nobody uses Furryball

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2 for hearing and 2 for rubbing.

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wow, someong using maya 2009 in 2011? color me shocked.

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Furries have always been on the forefront of CG animation

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Not in a good way

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I want to get off this ride.

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That's pretty cute.

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What's so cute about it anon?

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W-well... the pose, the e-expression, the outfit... it's all very c-cute, no?

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How does he do it lads? It's pretty impressive to be rendering 3 or 4 minutes of animated and groomed cg on a single Mac workstation no?

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(s-stop that...!)

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Actually, Kemono Friends is very appropriate to /3/.

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we are fucked in hair\fur department and this saddens me so much
>ywn have realistic catgirls

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What makes you think it's a single work station?

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