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Looking around on this board, does anyone here every really post art that you actually aspire to? Do you think maybe this isn't the best place to get advice on how to become a better artist?

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I agree. Everyone seems to talk about the software but never the actual art aspect of 3d modeling programs.

modeling knowledge translates into whatever program that you use, so I dont understand why people constantly fight about programs.

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because humans are hard wired for us vs them conflicts and the people here don't do sports teams.

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This board is filled with blenderthrash shitters

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Yeah. Honestly I don't blame them. It's a fault in our wiring.
Right on cue.

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I can't because its a blue board.

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Next level cube

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I think you are mistaken, OP. The purpose of this board is to spawn as many blender threads as possible and trollbait boomers with bbc qnd horse cock. The blenderevotion is here.

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>all that Blender can aspire to is to claim a dead board on a Cambodian rice farming site

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>companies switching over to blender gradually and investing heavily in it
yes that's good to aspire to.

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tutorials and workflows are so easy to google that this board is worthless

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I thought we were talking about blender?

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