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Enough with "muh software" excuses.

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Most of you Europoor shills don't even have the computing power to render anything.

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But we have free healthcare and thus live longer, so we have more time to wait for renders to finish.

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Eurotrash has poorer quality healthcare though, there's a reason why people go to America for serious surgeries. The reason the lifespan is lower is because we have a greater amount of hardcore drugs available and thus live more fulfilling lives and are able to create more inspired art. You wouldn't understand what it's like, the flame of your life is but a dull flicker compared to an American Inferno.

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[citation needed]

also, very chuuni retard anon. Very chuuni

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>there's a reason why people go to America for serious surgeries.
Keep telling yourself that, when in truth even your fucking Presidents come over here to get high tech surgery.
>we have a greater amount of hardcore drugs available and thus live more fulfilling
You have boatloads of cheap fentanyl addicts and big humongous fat-assess addicted to fat and sugar everywhere.
How are you gonna create more inspiring art if your daily life is 100% dedicated to fill your massive whale-bodies with plastic nutrients.

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>inspired art

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>Cringe emo shit
>Minecraft quality textures
>Blocky face
Read loomis

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>Most of you Europoor shills don't even have the computing power to render anything.
this is literally me, i hate rendering, 4 fucking hours for a 1200x800 image. pls kill me.

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You need better hardware, a faster renderer or at least learn to optimise. I had render times like that back in 2006.

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>You need better hardware
you can say that again, im rendering with a 550 ti, got cought in the gpu mining boom so i coudnt afford any decent gpu, so decided to wait, now i have no money to upgrade my rig and gpu's keep getting expensive.

fucking chinese miners ruined everything.

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Just pay for a render farm lol

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Aren't render farms a meme

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No, you idiot.

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They're are scam prove me wrong you can't

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Renders farms are a meme

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As a french who have familly in the US I can tell you that this is COMPLETE bs

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You need a quadro, any quadro, but just make sure it's a quadro

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>Imagine falling for a farm meme in 2019

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okay okay, I post

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That's Daz garbage...

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What is this pedo garbage

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pretty nice anon
Is that ellen page from that david cage game?

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Wew Chaim, you're over-compensating
It's MJ from Spiderman.

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sure looks like a version of it

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You asked for it.

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i'm dying... hahahahah

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I you thought Han Solo and Chewbacca were just buddies, you're in for a rude awakening.

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yes, partially and very modified

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so its not your work

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The animations, rig, body, and meshes are. I simply use textures and unwrap accordingly .

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Keep lying, faggot

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the cope is real, nice work youposted there btw

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the cope is real, nice work youposted there btw

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These amateurs don't understand that there are specializations within 3DCG, and some people may never move a single vertex while doing their job. For them, if you don't sculpt, retopo, unwrap, paint, shade, rig, animate, light, and render your asset, all by yourself, it's not your work.

I put the blame on Blender for this mentality. "I MUST DO EVERYTHING!!!1", just like Blender tries to do everything. Inevitably, most artists will create mediocre work this way, just like Blender is mediocre all around.

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The problem is that OP didnt do jack shit. They spent 20 minutes in blender and put out a useless turd. Why does this warrant discussion?

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>I downloaded my vidya gayme whyfoo and changed her hair color
am i an artist yet

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posts nothing

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>wagie NPC fag makes a model sculpting in Zbrush
>has zero input/talent at texturing, sends it down the line to another faggot problem glasses whore
>The entire abomination is then sent to animation with no artistic vision or clear ideas where some cringy nerd acts around in front of a mocap setup to animate, again, zero talent.
/3/ is so bad, bunch of faggots. AAA are the same. Low talent, low energy beta cucks

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This is why you'll never get a job in the industry Moron

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>This is why you'll never get a job in the industry
thank G*d

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i'm in the Mecca of 3d faggotry, I can get a job tomorrow with ease, why bother? Why would I go work in a fucking cancerous SJW environment at Jewbisoift?

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this is such a weak reply from a weak artist. Go back to daz

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been doing 3-d for about like 3 months on my own. best ive done so far

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Daz is the futur

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Quintessentially American, he should have a burger in his right hand.

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I would have prefer a Captain America girl

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How have you been learning

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Pls where can I see more hahaha to show my friend lol

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More of what? Are you insinuating these two traveling companions were more than friends?

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Why the fuck do i see these rotary phones getting posted everywhere, is there some beginner tutorial for it?

This is like the 4th I've seen in this near exact style in about 1 week.

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desu i just googled vintage phone and this is what struct my fancy. everything i did was just trial and error

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support from friends and family who know shit.
just trial and error dude. i only know how to hard surface model a bit tho. dont know how to texture or uv or shit

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my first Blender project
gotta say Blender is breddy nice (I originally came from 3ds max), everything is nicely integrated and easy to find. But I miss some features I frequently used in max ("ring loop selection", "step loop selection") but other than that it's super fun

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Ring loop selection exists in Blendr, although I don't know about the other one.

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Try alt + left clicking on an edge

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Ah thanks guys that's perfect
There's a checker deselect which works perfect as well.
Damn blender is quite a good program :D

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Something I'm working on/off on

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Good shit.

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I've been posting what I've been working on over in /wip/ though it seems pretty dead (hours go by and I'm double posting). Seems to be like 3 other people over there.
Anyway, here's what I've been working on.

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comfy ramen stand, nice

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chimpokemon bump

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No, I want to keep my job, thanks

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Stunning, brave.
You have no job you neuteured pussy soiboi. A true untermensch.

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Fucking lol, loved it

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I made a beautiful wizard but jannies don't like it :(

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Anyone else seeing a blur effect on mobile when scrolling this down?

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Holy shit this board is dead. I'm new and honestly i think this board is one of the better ones 4chan has to offer. So this makes me quite sad.

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It's not dead, it's just somewhat niche, and it about something kind of labor intensive. Most likely those people are working on things.
Or they're shit posting about Blender. Probably both.

There's a thread on one of these boards that's been going since 2013 or something. I don't remember which, but if we're talking about slow boards...

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some of my favourite things i've done

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>he thinks a 10 days old thread on /3/ is "baaaaaaad"
>I'm new and
Everyone here already knew that

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cool stuff, strange musical instrument there

>> No.701169

I like your wizard.

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thanks, nyckelharpa that is, funny story, a world renowned nyckelharpa player purchased the 3d model of it and sent me an essay about how I should be ashamed about how bad and inaccurate it was, he was expecting to 3d print the entire model, straight from .FBX and play it with no modification required... I was floored by the naivety.

>> No.701176

hahaha, what an ass. At least he paid you

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Did you answer him?

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I made this logo last year for the Avengers end game trailer. looks nowhere near as cool as the stuff im working on now tho u just wait

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dude holy fuck i started just modeling this in maya nice! i posted the phone up above

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Currently at concept stage

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The absolute state of the west.

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Youre on a board where 90% of posters are neets who will never get a job in 3dcg let alone ever work with a team on something so obviously doing everything alone is the norm here.

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Made this as a favor for a friend recently. It's not very good but it was mostly a meme.

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Essentially. But to the other anon's point, who is really responsible for the work in the end?
-The concept artist?
-The main sculptor?
It surely isn't the rest of the team who are non creative and just obey orders. And for animation nobody cares.

>> No.701980

>who is really responsible for the work in the end?
Everyone involved in taking it to completion.

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Made this for a friend as a meme. I obviously have no intention of doing this professionally so I wasn't concerned about it being very good.

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I did this Silent Hill style scenario with a downloaded model of the most famous ham steamer

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that´s the real captain america!

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Considering how nobody ever posts anything they ever did, you may very well be the reigning King of /3/.

It's not the best animation by a longshot, but I like the scene. A toilet and a giant turd would be more appropriate to represent society though.

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90% of posters can´t even model in 3D

>> No.702002

lol it's not a metaphor. It originally had the name of his youtube channel on it, which ends in the word "society", but I didn't want to post his channel on here without his permission so I edited to just say society because that's what we live in.

>> No.702016

It could be though, it's an instant gratification... and society is pretty deep in to that, good goys bet poptarts

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But... where is the food?

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The actual thing looks really ugly though. Also, what a dumbass.


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I haven't gotten to that part yet.
One thing at a time. Once the set is done I'll start adding little pools of ramen, some of those little strips of meat, and maybe something being cut up on the other side on the cutting board.

There's a little bit of a "story" going with the stand in the scene, so for the most part there won't be people. More like shadows representing spirits since it's a little stand for people in the spirit world to eat at. So the viewer being human wouldn't really be attuned to seeing them.
It's kind of dumb, but hopefully the scene is pretty comfy when it's completely finished.

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Playing around with Twinmotion.

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That's the last full body character I made.

>> No.702208

Shouldn't the tail be the same color as the hair?

>> No.702213

Oh yeah, I remember her. That was a good while back. Never got to see it finished. Nice.

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Probably. It was meant to match closer to her sugar glider companions. But I hadn't slept for three days after the texture file corrupted right before hand in so I ended up finishing right before the deadline. So if i where to do it again i'd hand paint that tail properly and do quite a few more tweaks to the texture work.

>> No.702252

yeah, I told him I woulda refunded him if he wasn't so patronising, he replied back saying he was gonna report me and suggest I get a thorough knowledge on the instrument before I make anymore.
negative reviews still there, money still in my bank so fuck it.

haha yeah? make sure you post it man, interested how it turns out for someone else!

yeah it's a pretty rough looking instrument, I just wanted to model soemthing which hasn't ever been done before (to my knowledge)

>> No.702321

For what is worth, the intrument looks gorgeous. Nice job.

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hey so i made 3d pixel art

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some bags I made recently, pain in the arse getting the material decent mostly

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...m-muh software did it.

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Nigger, not a single thing you said is true, there is more medical tourism coming from America to get better quality healthcare in Mexico every year than Mexican migrants coming to the United States for work an that is a fact, your high quality hospitals exist only for your elite, not you. you're being feed propaganda to keep paying stupid prices like a sheep.

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Dude, go and watch all the Flipped Normal videos about sculpting before doing another one of these disgusting abominations. Your skill is lacking and you didn't move one single bit forward. Its pitiful to observe it and i don't understand how you don't have any will to improve.

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your boi should play with my girl.

>> No.702421

You got a loicense for those trash bags?

>> No.702426

>i don't understand how you don't have any will to improve
Easy. He thinks he doesn't have faults to fix, and believes that anybody criticizing his work is trolling, retarded, or simply an ignorant.

My suggestion: do not engage.

>> No.702428

nah, he admitted that his work isn't great, so its not denial or ignorance.

>> No.702431

Really? Then I'll take back my words.

It's true that there has been no sign of him attempting to improve his work, however.

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>> No.702437

racist and transphobic. typical.

>> No.702442

I'm a concerned citizen. Stop your bullying or I call the internet police.

>> No.702453

the gravity is a bit off lol

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File: 2.58 MB, 1920x1080, comp_00000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made this logo myself. I have an animation video too thats kinda cool

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File: 64 KB, 777x532, Capture2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made a Rooster in Maya

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he's Jewish

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This is a wojak i made recently, it's really shit

>> No.703199

Grats. You now have a horror game main antagonist.

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so degenerate.

I'm waiting for my new RTX, sadly E-hentai is going to shut down in 2021

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made this today

>> No.703531

what's uh... what's going on here?

>> No.703614

looks bretty gud, how did you do it? what software?

>> No.703644

Do you hate yourself?

>> No.703648


Why is there mascara stains on her ears?

>> No.703651

>Those shorts with those shoes

Well we can tell you're not gay with that fashion sense.

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nothing new I presume

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File: 81 KB, 451x604, lioness_is_a_bad_kitty.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it a reference to this pic?

>> No.703659

Daz renders don't count as "shit you did".

>> No.703682

they do legally, commercially, and for your portfolio
you can make up your own virgin rules, but clients won't give a shit about it

>> No.703690

>using fucking Daz of all things in your portfolio
Jesus fuck I needed a good laugh today. Thanks.
And people here think the Blendlets are the ones to be shat on.

>> No.703722

it looks so uncanny
do you really find this attractive?

>> No.703732

Go to /aco/'s weg thread and have a laugh. Or a cry. People's standards are very, very low.

>> No.703753
File: 143 KB, 1600x1800, 31_12_2018_pokrrkjdekljhgh2008zs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm not looking for photo-realism, this is boring and not very interesting

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File: 142 KB, 900x888, NBoy_Concept_1.7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's gonna be fabulous

>> No.703773

Your post has no style and is leaning toward amateur photo-realism. Your shit sucks dawg.

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File: 1.77 MB, 1436x2048, Final_Render_Steam.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my latest one

>> No.703819

you talking to me you talking to me ?????

>> No.703844

I'm sorry your mother didn't love you.

>> No.703860

you won that argument btw. You got him good.

>> No.704151

>imagine a client caring for what tools did you use to get the shit done
i used to be as naive at you, but never had such retarded virgin attitude

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File: 781 KB, 1080x720, TrailerSequence.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

part of a trailer for a game im making, did wrong in having the text present in all the shots, should have only kept it for the last one

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Are you trying to give people an epileptic fit.

>> No.705021


Good stuff.

>> No.705024


>> No.705045


thanks anon

>> No.705053


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