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Why is there so many threads about this software? Isn't /3/ supposed to be about 3D in general? Why does this board have a "Us vs them" mentality about software???

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>why are people talking about 3D software on this board dedicated to 3D software

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Everyone here is ashamed they can't make anything worth promoting in a portfolio, so they hide their inferiority complex behind supposed software faults that they don't understand because they heard it from here, and everyone else is so much better than they are, so how can they be wrong?

This board isn't dedicated to 3d software illiterate. It's 3d. Full stop. Here's your (you)

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Here's your (you) faggot. Try harder next time.

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RENT FREE is what it boils down to.
Everyone here is a failed wagie or a neet.

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Please by all means, show your work. Right, you don't have any.

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>I use big words but have no idea what I'm saying, I correct language errors because it makes me feel slightly smarter than a random person on the internet
We can see through you like glass, anon

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no u :^)

The biggest word is 3 syllables long. The idea isn't unique, nor pretentious. Inferiority complex not helping you hope with your lack of patience on reading an entire fucking sentence?

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What do you think anon meant by this?

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السلام عليكم

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>big words
lmao, are you a literal brainlet?

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/3/ always had a subsection of users who where always in each others throat.
One camp advocating 'industry standard' asserting you should only use your limited time on planet earth learning production proven software.
The other side harbors open hostility towards any proprietary piece of software and therefore automatically champions Blender as the one true king.

This kinda individual building their identity around what kinda gear they use are found in all kinds of hobbies and practices.
They're usually shit performers and they are usually unable to attribute their failures to themselves so they keep obsessing about the gear and peripherals.
If they're poor and envious of those who can afford better stuff they spit upwards belittling achievements since it was made using that easy mode cheat piece of tech.
If they're affluent and can buy the best gear on offer they keep kicking downwards since they're still shit performers and instead of learning
how to use what they've obtained keep spending their days talking about what their stuff is capable of (in theory and in the hands of someone other than themselves).

Doers whether they use cheap or expensive gear for whatever reason play the hand they're dealt and come to play it well.
Typically this takes place far away from the insecure toxic environment of places such as /3/.
Most people can't handle having anonymity so any serious discourse around topics where anonymity isn't needed works
a lot better where people have more lasting identities and therefore stand accountable to their peers.

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It's only standardlets that try to stifle the conversation
They go into blender threads and shit all over it
No one's going into max and Maya threads and trying to convince people to jump ship

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its all wagies coping... they have to deal with HR and faggotry everyday

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What a bunch of crap and hypocrisy. Blendlets always flood Maya and Max's youtube comment sections with immature fanboyish crap. You barely ever see this from 3ds max and Maya users.

We're coping because we have a carreer while you live in mom's house or flip burgers? Right blendie.

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How long have you been working for McDonalds?
Post your shit faggot.

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This isn't YouTube you spastic

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Thankfully. Here we can treat Blender fanboys like the retards they are. No need to maintain professionalism in the face of such idiocy.

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No matter how much you wannabe wagies cry there's still a constant blender general while standardlet threads die faster than I delete that pesky cube.
Instead of making these shitty threads that pop up every week complaining about blendlets, why not start the conversation on your software of choice?
You do know how to use Maya, right?

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>brings up Maya out of nowhere
Every. Single. Time.

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The anon I was responding to was responding to a cry about Maya YouTube videos

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I am the anon you responded to, and that post was my first in this thread, jackass.

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My guess is it's a combination of factors:
1. It's free.
2. It recently has made news with the major update.
3. It's community encourages beginners.
4. The other software communities on /3/ for some reason disparage, and discourage beginners. This one I think need to quantify a bit. Someone tries asking for references
>Pfft, you'll never get into the industry that way kid
Someone asks for red lines or topology help?
>What you don't already know? You'll never get into the industry that way.
Someone posts a modelling challenge thread?
>Everybody around here is a pro, and isn't going to waste time with your stupid challenges. You'll never get into the industry that way kid.
While I'm exaggerating slightly, these are all based on posts I've seen recently on here.

Maybe the reason people latch onto that software is because they are assured they won't get into the industry, and that Blender has no industry, so maybe that's why they pick it?

Look, other than blender, what other software here has a constantly long running general, with people posting work in it? DAZ3D, a supposedly free software that relatively easy to use, with a big community of beginners.

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>Look, other than blender, what other software here has a constantly long running general, with people posting work in it?
Nobody tries to do everything in Substance, or Zbrush, or Maya, or Houdini. Nor does those programs have religious cults built around them. No shit they don't have long running threads acting as a safe space.

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They can post work that used those programs. But nope. Dead

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/wip/ is what you are looking for
a thread more focused on results than software

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Follow the replys Reddit

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>Zbrush doesn't have a religious cult around it

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And wouldn't you know it, it's full of Blender users.

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*Zbrush users
Sorry, brainfarted there.

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On music production boards, it's about Ableton vs FL Studio.

On game dev boards, it's about Godot vs Unity vs Unreal Engine.

On photography boards, it's about Sony vs Fujifilm vs Canon vs Nikon etc.

Here it's about Blender vs Autodesk.

It's the same shit everywhere, some people will always bitch and fight over a hardware, in some places less and in some places more. E.g. on /mu/ it mostly happens inside of the /prod/ thread, the rest is consumer shit, but /mu/ is a bigger board.

Here, everybody is actually producing 3D to a some degree (and I guess there are no amateurs interested to discuss such a subject), so the shitposting is spread across the entire board. It's particularly bad atm and I don't know what's happening, but I hope it will calm down soon. There are still some decent threads though, and you should focus on those and ignore the rest.

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Blender shitposters are industryfags without work, and talent most likely.

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