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I went to school about 5 years ago for 3d for 2 years and learned maya pretty well. I had one interview after I graduated but failed it hard when asked how to repeat a texture (tile). The interviewer just looked disgusted after that.

I gave up for a while but then learned how to program c++ and use opengl. Now im flipping burgers and doing 3d as a hobby. I recently had to abandon my opengl engine because the tutorials for basic shit just isnt there. Im wondering if I should spend the next 6 months learning unreal and how to import / manipulate assets in it and program it with c++ and build a folio apply into the industry again so i can get out of my burger flip.

Just how in demand is unreal now? I dont have a degree in maths, just a 2 year 3d animation certificate and a liberal arts degree.

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why the fuck didn't you look up how to repeat a texture then apply somewhere else? failure is part of life

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>2 year 3d animation certificate
So you studied animation and applied for a job that required lookdev knowledge? I mean, yeah, an animator should at least know in principle how to tile a texture, but still. Why not apply for an animator job? Or offer your skills as a freelancer, do it on your "free" time, build a reel?

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Shit, if you landed an interview without knowing how to tile a texture, I should be able to get a job somewhere pretty easy. I've been doing /3/ for like 8-9 years now with pretty good success.
Where do you live anon? Did you physically go to your interview or did you do it online?

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What do you wanna do? Burger flip pays bad, but you never get crunch time, you never get emails at 8pm, you never get laid off for no reason, you don't have to live in a 2,000$ rent city with no chance of ever owning a home. 3d industry is a rough place, especially games. Having a degree, even libarts opens doors to better jobs than burgers, even if its not 3d. I would get a bullshit job with lots of freetime. Getting paid for 3d doesn't have to go through industry, you could do well working on other indie devs patreon part time or start a personal project and post it on YouTube and twitter with a donate link. If you really do know c++ you could make a lot more working as a software engineer than as a game dev. Game dev is a labor of love.
Big picture: increase your income, payoff debts, increase your freetime. Time is key to artistic fulfillment.

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i dont know, my mom hates me now because i put her in big debt to pay for the school

>So you studied animation and applied for a job that required lookdev knowledge?
everyone in my class interviewed at the same company, it was set up for us. I looked around on my own, but didnt find much. Now i feel like everyone wants unreal shit

>Where do you live anon? Did you physically go to your interview or did you do it online?
northeast. In person

>If you really do know c++ you could make a lot more working as a software engineer than as a game dev.
i dont neccessarily want to work on games - i might want to work on movies and video. One of my high school buddies made it in the 3d industry and does ads for ariana grande, nickeloden, etc and lives in LA. He's been doing it for 8 years.

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>One of my high school buddies made it in the 3d industry
Have you asked him for advice? What to work on short/medium term, how to better market yourself or be prepared for interviews, etc.

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no, i dont know him anymore. I cant just contact him.

I just looked him up on linkedin and i was like holy shit. He's kind of big time, did ads for cricket wireless, facebook, arnold schwarzenegger amongst other things while i just work fast food

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how old are you? it's never too late to change course anon.

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44 here.
Just do Patreon porn. If you canĀ“t texture, rig and animate - and Maya is exclusive for this - then flip burgers forever.
But know that a Maya animator who can create content and have a Patreon catering for a fetish never, NEVER goes to sleep with an empty stomach.

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What do u mean maya is exclusive for that?

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he's saying blendlets should expect to go to bed hungry

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Oh. Lol yeah, never fooled with blender. Maya school too like op. Would love to see this patreon guys stuff but doubt I could get him to post it for privacy reasons. :(

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Does this anonymous patreon stuff get reported in ur taxes?

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Only if you put them in your taxes :^)
The way I usually go about it, is if I'm making at least $1000 a year off of it, I'll file taxes on it. If not I don't. Speaking about passive income of course.

The government isn't entitled to what I earn. If huge corporations aren't paying taxes, why should I?

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Hear you and agree. Just not a fan of criminal records. Over 1k works

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A lot of times if I'm making less than $1k, if I file it, I end up having to pay most of it back (which is pretty ridiculous) and I don't see it come back in returns. I already pay a fair amount of taxes for my actual job, and the money I don't file gets sales tax anyway when I buy shit. So ignoring the little bits I make on the side isn't too big a deal, It's a pretty common thing.
Little Timmy doesn't file the $200 he got from mowing the neighbors' yard all summer. To me, the money I make on the side is pretty much the same thing.
It's not a career or a job, and I'm not making enough from it to consider it one. So I don't file it like one.

That being said, keep track of what you earn. It's important to know how much and where your money is coming from. So when you do eventually file taxes for it, you've got everything. Sometimes people just keep a list of what they make on the side, and file it every few years when it's a larger amount.

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How could you not know how to tile a texture after 5 years?
What was the question like?
"How to tile a texture in maya?"
"How to make a texture tileble?

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I don't know if I don't know how to tile a texture or if it is that easy thing I know how to do.

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Substance chad here. The real question is how to make a texture nontileable.

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q. how do you repeat a tex

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Yeah, he should had answer that he creates his own textures on substance designer like a true alpha.

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No kidding.

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