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redpill me on this bad boy

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Meme software for programers who have no artistic talent so they just plug x into y and say wow cool I'm like a famous Russian 3d man now

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wow. no comment.

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Programmer with no artistic talent here, can confirm.

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except you can be both artistic and autistic in it. you're not locked into one way or the other. it just does one better than the other. nothing right now really competes in the fx space that houdini fills. it would take a thousand maya plugins to match houdini, and even then it probably wouldn't be as efficient.

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It's the dream of every TD.

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I always felt mastering this would bring me a 100k usd income. But I can't code

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Big brain software, on top of being artistic you also need to be at least decent at programming and mathematics.

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Worse UI than Blender.

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Are you kidding me?

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worth learning for motion graphics?

I think it might be overkill

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Let's be honest, Houdini, Blender 2.7x and ZBrush are all equally fucking autistic.

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Absolutely love the procedural possibilities it offers especially for gamedev but coming from a 3dsmax background I find myself unable to use it for quick polymodeling

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I'd stick to Cinema 4D, at least for mograph. If you need advanced simulations or 300 IQ programmable procedural shit, sure.

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I can't model or rig efficiently/fast in this behemoth, but the sim capabilities are incredible. If you do pyro, volumetrics or complicated destruction, there is no way around Houdini.

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I do mainly volumetric stuff on an old i7 4770, would I get anything out of octane with a gtx 745 instead of mantra?

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>gtx 745
what the fuck

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lol you don't want Octane for Houdini, you want Redshift.

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God damn it I had a brain fart, that's what I meant

It's what I have at work

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Try some scenes with the demo and compare with Mantra. That card is so old I think it'll be difficult to find benchmarks somewhere. In fact, in the Redshift forums, the slowest performer tested is a GTX970, which is already several times faster than the GTX745 from what I could find online.

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Agreed. I'm still avoiding Zbrush because of that UI. I don't know where to even start with it.
You can throw Substance in that list as well before they updated their UI.

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>complaining this much about the UIs of technical software
You are a bunch of pussies I swear. I bet you're the type of person who wouldn't use a hammer unless it was painted pink and covered by a ribbed silicone handle, aren't you?

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>defending shitty UI's
>any year

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Zbrush has the most customizable ui of any software. People still complain about it.

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you what

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>Zbrush has the most customizable ui of any software.

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Customizable ≠ Good
If I have to tear apart the UI and move everything around just to get it into a usable condition, it's not good.

It's screen vomit, and anybody who thinks contrary and it shouldn't/cant be improved should be taken out to a field and shot.

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>Technical software
What a fucking laugh. It's artistic software, and any barrier to actually making art is fucking retarded. A person should be able to jump in and start making something within 10-20 mins of getting familiar with the UI.

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What about Substance and Houdini, which were also mentioned? Or what about others, such as Maya. Should a person just be able to open Maya and model a castle or whatever? Or open Blender, and model a horse's cock?

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Substance's UI makes sense. Maya also makes sense, you find stuff where you expect it. Same with Blender 2.8's UI.

Zbrush however doesn't make sense. It looks like it was made as a student project. It's a bunch of tabs containing a bunch of tabs containing a bunch of tabs, menus containing a bunch of menus containing a bunch of menus. This is why you shouldn't let programmers design art software UI.

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to be fair zbrush has so much more settings and functionality then other programs do, and it all has to be laid out so someone using a stylus and tablet can quickly access it. its a completely different beast

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>Should a person just be able to open ____ and model a castle or whatever?
Yes. That's the entire point of UI design. Ideally you'd have one that draws people in by being as simple and intuitive as a Nintendo level editor (90% of what you want to do can be achieved with the 5 buttons clearly in front of you), while at the same time gradually transitioning them to a workflow focused on efficiency (the shortcuts for those buttons are where you'd expect to find them).

It's a matter of balance. If you have something driven entirely by arcane mouse gestures and shortcuts that aren't used anywhere else, people will give up and learn an alternative instead. Conversely, if you have something too dumbed down for pros, they'll eventually outgrow it and switch to something else.

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>simple and intuitive as a Nintendo level editor
yeah...sounds like Zbrush is just too high IQ for you m8

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At what point did I mention ZBrush? Though it's kind of ironic, considering pic related exists.

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>How to zoom in zbrush
>hold alt
>press mouse button
>release alt
>drag mouse
Come on, even blender is easier to navigate with or without a stylus. Zbrush is the epitome of bad design, either their ui/ux artist is autistic or they never had one to begin with.

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It's the quintessential "one guy came up with this 20 years ago because it made sense to him" software.

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You do know you can use the mousewheel to zoom. The alt option is better tho because then you never have to touch a mouse. The program was built around tablet navigation.

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>Right drag to orbit
>Alt+Right drag to pan
>Ctrl+Right drag to zoom
Seriously, have you ever used ZBrush?

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I took an intro, destructions and VEX course from CGMA. I've also taken an advanced pyro course from RebelWay as well as their volumes/fire intro and Mantra rendering intro courses. I recommend both these resources.

CGCircuit has some okay stuff. Steven Knipping's tutorials are great. Entagma has a lot of good free tutorials. Stay up to date with Houdini news on their YouTube. They've been putting out some great stuff lately. Their Masterclass videos are really good and Jeff Wagner is probably my favorite presenters.

Houdini requires a blend of artistic and programming expertise. I'm good with programming so I pick up VEX easily. This was my first CG program and the learning curve was a bit steep. Worth it. There's a lot of power in Houdini's procedural workflow.

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procedural spheroid

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Spring generator I built yesterday.

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File: 1.58 MB, 1095x1035, procedural_crystal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Starting to work with procedural crystals. There's a lot of work to be done but it's a start.

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File: 1.86 MB, 1069x1069, noisy_sphere_full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Procedural spheroid with curvature shader.

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how fucked would i be if i try to use this for character rigging/animation?

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>Houdini requires a blend of artistic and programming expertise
that's exactly why I love it so much

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Same. I took a bunch of art classes in high-school but never felt like I could get passionate about a career that's 100% artistic. Then I took programming classes in college but never felt like I could go 100% that way either. Modeling and sculpting still didn't feel technical enough to specialize in but Houdini is just right.

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It's cool that you're enjoying Houdini, but I think I smell piracy in your screenshots.

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Arnold? Houdini?

The sphere was from an Entagma tutorial - minus the shader. The crystal and spring work is my own.

The screenshots are me reusing a base setup I built following a tutorial (also purchased).

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>press mouse button
I don't know why you artistically challenged motherfuckers keep trying to make art with a mouse and then complain your stuff sucks and that the software is suited to people with above-room-temperature IQs who use a stylus and not drooling retards like yourselves.
If you weren't such a fucking sad pathetic brainlet you'd actually try using zBrush with a stylus for once and finally realize why the controls and shortcuts are laid out as they are.
Actually, don't and keep being a seething retard. Natural selection, motherfucker.

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Brainlet filter

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Doesn't Houdini have a free version to learn it on?
Maybe he's using that.

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Houdini Apprentice.

Be aware that the apprentice/non-commercial version will save HIP-NC files instead of HIP files like the commercial versions.

You can open both HIP-NC and HIP in all versions BUT if you open a HIP-NC file (file created in apprentice) a in commercial version it will down-grade that instance of Houdini to apprentice while that HIP-NC file is loaded.

Apparently SideFX used to offer a service for converting HIP-NC files to HIP files for commercial users on a case by case basis but I don't think it's still a thing - I definitely wouldn't count on that and there's no tool or anything that I'm aware of that can do this.

I had to rebuild a lot of useful networks I made in apprentice version when I upgraded to commercial.

There's a student license of Arnold btw. When I took a RebelWay class (Mastering PyroFX - Level 1) it included a student license of Arnold. I think it was for a year-long license.

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poast CGMA and RebelWay courses on mega please

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You should know RebelWay extensively watermarks their videos with account specific identifiers. If you buy any of their products, keep them to yourself.

I do highly recommend their content. There's a level 2 pyro course that's $1,499 that I can't wait to get when I have the money. I know it will be worth.

Saber Jlassi (https://vimeo.com/sabervfx) is one of the founders of RebelWay and really has put a lot of work into their products. He was an instructor at CGMA and of all the classes and probably one of the best and definitely my favorite. He just has really good pacing and focuses on the right things.

I can say confidently that there's things you'll learn from their content that you'd have a hard time learning anywhere else outside of the industry.

CGMA makes it difficult to download their videos. Still, I used OBS to back everything up for personal reference.

Honestly, all the of stuff I learned from the CGMA courses could be learned from a collection of much cheaper tutorials from Steben Knipping (and I know a lot of his stuff has made it out there for better or worse) and free content from SideFX on YouTube - and you'll probably learn a lot more in the process of piecing it all together.

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I use those three + substance designer pretty much exclusivily for all my work. I don't know how people can't learn the UIs, there are literally hundreds of tutorials online and investment of 1 hour into each gives you a pretty damn solid basis.

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This and unironically the only software is give a pas on the UI is blender cos it's free and it's a sign of them prioritizing well. But since 2.8, you can't even really call blenders UI shit anymore, it all makes a lot of sense and is clean.

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it still sucks penis

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