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why should they?

blender is after all a political statement for


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>fucked up the entire UI
>still no copy/paste option

Are these niggers for real?

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>Still no copy/paste option

This isn't Microsoft word faggot

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Give me one reason why I shouldn't be able to copy/paste shit like literally every other modelling app on the planet

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nigglet copy paste is on in blender. do your fucking homework before riding a dick.

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Hello friends

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You either duplicate or copy, it’s pretty straight forward in blender. Most of the problems people have the the software is out of unwillingness to learn it.

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>people complained that they couldn't identify what the monochromatic pictograms stand for

>okay here you go we colored them for you

>It now looks even worse then with one single color and the problem that the symbols are too fucking cryptic is not adressed at all.

>Also, all that wasted space

Who is in charge of all that?

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>Who is in charge of all that?

some middle level fucker from romania, who hates blender because he cant into it and wastes his money on 3ds max and pirated maya, when whining 24/7 that he cant get enough money.

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>wastes his money
>on pirated

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I'm sure he meant copy/pasting rigs and dependency graphs between projects

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what is CTRL-C CTRL-V?

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I've had that sort of problem with plenty of programs though, not just blender.
Anything that's not text or an image usually has problems being copied and pasted for me.

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Isn't that what linking and appending are for?

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Its not the fucking same

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frustraiting that for every jump forward it drops something legitimatly usfull. from 2.49b to 2.5+ we lost reactor particles- basic emit from other particles gone that max without plugins could do 20 yrs ago and still not recovered as of 2.8- at which point they droped the whole game engine for a face lift. it looked so set to be the do all package but i'm looking at 49b and thinking its only real flaw was edge shader was crap compared to free style but sim/mat/particle/g.e- principally it was all there...

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Blender is communism made manifest so that statement checks out.

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Given all, industry standard" changes blender made it might be safe to say this will be the standard from now on. Or at least till 3

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Speaking as someone who used older versions of it off and on over quite a few years, and just came back to try 2.8, it really is much better. The interface is far better designed and much more discoverable.

My muscle memory for the classic shortcuts is too strong for me to switch to the full Industry Compatible keyset, but it's worth cherry picking some things from it (like double-click to select edge loops rather than alt-click).

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i dont know. Churchil was plagued by incest, anglo-education and a big retarded drunkard. also seems socialism worked for soviets and chinks for a very long time..

This is Jonathan Yaniv.I posted this pic herebc he has used the term “transgender” to gain access to girls restrooms just so he can take pics of them, says that girls don’t deserve privacy, and tried to host a topless party of kids of the age of 12...


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The last time I tried to use Blender, it was still an absolute mess. Congratulations for those that've learned it, but unless it makes some kind of sense now, Blender is absurd in that one can't figure out the interface in a few minutes.

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It's still a complex program, and it's not sketchup, but the UI actually makes sense now.

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>fucked up the entire UI

They had to do it because it was a fucking ugly mess and nobody took the software seriously because of that. Notice how much interest blender has gained since the new version.

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they should have done the same as Cinema4d and just copy the way photoshop handles things...

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Its not bad. I downloaded Maya after 1 week of learning Blender and immediately said "fuck this" and went back to Blender.
I couldn't instantly figure Maya out either baka.

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