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going to sleep, but hope you can redpill me over if tools matter for the quality of the result?

like a mediocre artist with top tier software can produce similar results to a good artist using FOSS meme garbage engines and art tools.

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Does Photoshop make you draw better than mspaint?

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A mediocre artist will rely on presets. Consider what would happen if he were to create a pyro sim in Houdini; he would probably be content with tweaking the result of the default setup just a bit. He wouldn't be able to do much more, but the result would be of much greater quality than a similar sim in, say, Blender, pushed to its peak capacity.

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Follow the old /ic/ mantra.
No rules, just tools.

A good artist is a good artist. Tools are just a means to an end. If you're a shit artist, no tool will make you a better one. All it will amount to is putting sprinkles on a turd.

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If u use blender youll have to use soul, mario Party > mortal soibat 11

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