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Ok I have an animation workflow query

I'm just learning but I wanna know something which I guess would be an organization tip or good or bad idea

If I was say planning to render a scene which had two to 3 characters doing a few different things, just for example; like walking to each other > waving hello > sucking dick > crying.
Would I first create each of these as separate actions (blender btw) then merge them together later into one long sequence, or should I be doing them all together from the start

Just trying to understand the animation workflow lads

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It doesn't take a lot of brainpower to realize that, if you don't do them together, you'll never be able to sync the characters properly in time and space, so yeah...

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Anything that's not something in tandem (i.e. sucking dick), can be animated as a separate action. Whether or not you should, really depends on what you're trying to accomplish, how often that action will be used, and whether or not it works in the context of your scene.

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