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sorry if this is the wrong board for this question but i haven't seen anyone talk about architecture besides /3/. and i suspect there are some arch vis guys on here. anyways I am entering university in a few weeks for architecture wanted to be ahead of the curve. anyone know any good arch design or drawing books?

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Bump for interest. Going back to do my masters soon (ausfag) after working in construction for a couple of years.

Pic related. It's what I want to learn to do before going back

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Ching is too OLD, drawing is very unimportant now. 3d modelling is everything. Rhino or sketchup is a good place to start as a beginner. The cool kids know how to model cool stuff, a drawing is pretty useless if you can't make it become a cool 3d model. Once you get good, you can move into grasshopper or houdini and make wild scripted stuff. Arch school is intensely competitive with long hours, you need to convince yourself and convince everyone around you that you are awesome. Confidence is important, the design doesn't matter all that matters is that you make decisions quickly and have a well-rendered, well executed final product. Never share with other students how you make your work in the computer, and try to master the software.If you want a book to read, check out zaha hadid, mark foster gage, neil denari, tom wiscombe, any of those are good inspiration.

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op here agree with this completely im already proficient in 3D modeling especially in sketchup and somewhat rhino. thanks for the advice

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Funny, I only decided to check out /3/ seriously through Ching when I was looking for books on perspective since I couldn't get any new resources out of /ic/ slow board after all and everyday thread bickering about artist integrity when it comes to use assist tools like 3d/photo bashing.

Coming from someone who did 2D only, reading his book made me aware of how important 3D was and how fast it can speed up my understanding of 3D. His books are very well written & structured imo.

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Is Blender worth using for 3D renders or is it a meme?
I was thinking about exporting my Revit models into Blender or learning Luminon

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A *clap* thread *clap* died *clap* for *clap* this *clap*

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Holy shit don't listen to these faggots.
Unless you work for some shitty tiny architecture studio you won't be doing the renders. They will have archviz people for that. If you want to be an architect you need to be able to design, read and under CAD layouts at a glance.
I don't know how many times I have had someone come to us with honestly great 3d renders of meme buildings but then when asked to make some changes in AutoCAD or draftsight they are completely fucking lost, unorganized and have no idea what they are doing.

Family business here, been in the industry for 15 years. We mostly do resorts and urban designs. You need to be able to do more than make pretty buildings. That is all secondary at best. One of my biggest gripes is when new staff don't design their shit with the idea in mind that EVERYTHING needs to be easy to change. Just last week we had a guy who had to remodel half a townhouse just because he didn't account for the AC units.

Our best new hire in the past two years came to us with heaps of detailed well thought out designs and he openly admitted he had someone else render his stuff in his portfolio. He's a bit of a recluse but he's like an prodigy or something.

We also do a fair bit of consulting for development companies much larger than our own and they outsource a large portion of their rendering to pajeets, China and Vietnam.

Legit all you need is an understanding of something like lumion or twinmotion to quickly realise your designs. Final renders will never be done by you.

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No thanks chief. I don't want to waste 15 years of my one and only life on earth clicking on AC units in autocad.
>No fun allowed
>Older than the old ways
>everything needs to change so we use autocad instead of revit
Hang on to your soul OP, there's lots of "pragmatic" bloodsuckers out there. Don't be afraid to have fun with renders, especially while you're in school.
>Pic related is a 4 billion dollar monument to mankind with no functional purpose.

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you dont get it

>functional purpose.
it has a functional purpose, its to look visually appealing in the eyes of the client and to contain what its supposed to contain

if it looks wacky and interesting and memeable thats fine, as long as its functional
the problem is, many young architects think just showing off wacky designs is enough, its not. Any large firm will already have people on lock in third world countries to shit out nice renders, they need shit that works.

>everything needs to change so we use autocad instead of revit
enjoy never getting work if you think like this
the only people who can make shit and never have it up for revisions are gods that run their own companies and have earned their freedom

revit and sketchup are fine, both have more than capable CAD layouts however you MUST be able to read and understand a CAD file properly or you will get no where.

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Not the guy you replied to, but I get what you mean about the whacky meme designs. The problem is that the whacky designs are what gets good grades in school while anything sensible and pragmatic is seen as dull. So we end up graduating with a folio full of bullshit and unrealistic expectations of what working in an architecture firm is like

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I agree with the AutoCAD guy totally. You need to think like an architect and see like an architect. Not like a child that plays his shitty LEGO®.
Nowadays I am learning 3dsmax. Because everyone uses sketchup and I need to learn something more professional I guess. Revit is not used here except only biggest firms. (third world country advantage). Rhino is a meme. It is mainly for industrial design or necklace design. I have never seen a competent arch. studio that uses Rhino honestly. for render stick with the Enscape or Lumion. since they both are easy and fast as fuck. If you really are into render V-ray is industry standart right now.

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If you're new to industry is it worth learning AutoCAD or go straight to BIM? Nearly every place I looked for work says that at the moment they used AutoCAD but are transitioning to Revit/ArchiCAD.
It seem like the only people who use AutoCAD are boomers who don't care because they'll be retired soon

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I guess AutoCAD is still go-to software if your design is small residential type building or you are doing restitution/restoration. Revit is plausible when it is large scaled such as shopping center, business quarter, hotel, hospital, factory etc. My answer is that question you need to learn BIM in this era but always be ready for returning to good old AutoCAD when needed. Since it is one of the easiest programs once you improve your muscle memory upon commands.

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Thanks for the advice friend

Is being able to hand draw and colour like pic related worth it these days or is just masturbatory and rough sketches are good enough?

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rough sketches are good enough if you can develop something on it. For example, you probably heard Frank Gehry. His sketches are so simple that literally primary school boy can draw them in a blink. But they are meaningful in a way. They are telling something. He literally use no software she works only shit-tier-looking sketches and making maquette using strange materials. But he designed one of the world's best buildings you can google them. dancing house, guggenheim museum bilbao are a must-see for instance.

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I made a typo there "she" instead of "he". KEK

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can I model a good prison camp in Arch Viz or can I stil use 3DS Max ?

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Arch viz is short for architectural visualization. Stick to 3DS Max if that is what you are comfortable with and use something like VRay for rendering

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you should not be designing anything architectual related from the ground up in 3ds max unless you are just trying for concept

all initial designs will be in a CAD software or something like sketchup/revit. If you are an archvis guy you can move final models to 3dsmax or whateve renderer you prefer.
Currently Enscape and Lumion are top teir for architects. Great results with minimal effort.

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lumions interiors are shit

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Architecture Drawing Course Mo Zell
Architecture Form, Space and Order Franchis D.K Ching

But my recommendation
Architecture detailing function, constructibility aesthetics Edward allen, patrick rand

Every Architecture need quick sketch ideas or corrections, if you are bad at drawing use.

You can drawing in 30 days mark kistler.
For perspective use Pespective made easy Ernest R Norling

For Mathematics (I remember most my friends(good at draw) dropout because math)

Use calculus made easy by silvanus p thompson and martin gardner and geometry 2nd edition by david a brannan

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why use this pic though?

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Nothing's perfect. Stuff like lumion and twinmotion are less for up close meme portfolio interior shots and more for large urban design areas.

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The one in pic related was the one we used in my freshman year at ASU pre-arch, it's a very good book. But don't slack off with it, practice practice practice. You can't want to be good, you have to work at it. Good luck.

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finally someone who fucking responded to my post

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lmao fucking retard

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Fifth year here. Autocad was once the go to but absolutely everyone is transitioning to Revit including for their renders.

The type of drawing in Ching is useless now. Learn how to sketch simple structures and details because it will help you think architecturally. Don't bother going beyond that.

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>t. Pajeet brainlet

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>world's best buildings

Frank gehry is a faggot

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Fuck off faggot. Try living in a first world country. You probably couldn't design a toilet block

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I'm from a central European country, I don't know what you call them in English, but I have both degrees in materials engineering(?) and electrical engineering(?). so I don't draw/build ugly houses.

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Books are for boomers. Go for lynda or youtube

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You are retarded.

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