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Whats /3/s opinion on Beeple?

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he goes by the name beeple-crap. he is like the Jesus Christ of #everyday which is a practice exercise where a creator finishes at least one finished render everyday. He is probably one of the more known guys in 3D been around for a while. here is his Instagram


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I honestly find a lot of his stuff to be pretty uninspired.
Which I guess is expected when you have to put something out every day (he probably makes a bunch at the same time, or he does multiple projects simultaneously).
I mean it's all technically good and he know's what he's doing, but all of his stuff really starts to blend together aesthetically and stylistically. Which gets boring fast, and you have so many copycats that can't think for themselves, so you only get more of it.
If it was him by himself and not all the copycats, I'd probably be less meh about him, but since he has a large amount of influence on what people tend to make on the platform, he's definitely deserving of a more critical response.

Not to mention all of those instagram people who just stick mocap data on a bald human model and pretend they're fucking deep. With people eating that shit up because they don't know what they're looking at.

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>and then I'll just use MAGENTA AND CYAN and people will go like WHOAAAA

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Beeple's dope, his presentations are hilarious

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is beeple redpilled?

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actual cringe

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What did he mean by this?

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North Korea superpower 2020

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Just capitalizing on the "Orange Man Bad" craze for that extra bit of followers and money.

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good analysis

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>Both legs on the same side of the spider are up at the same time
What did he mean indeed.

The best part is you'd get hordes of drones on you for even mentioning it.

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It mean he can't even properly animate a basic four-legged gait.

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>I honestly find a lot of his stuff to be pretty uninspired.


time: 1:32

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>The spiderbot's walk cycle
Fuckin hell man
I'm a newbie to this, so this really helps me see what it looks like to do shit wrong. And I appreciate that.

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I was wondering how he manages to do this so quickly. Then I saw "12 years of everydays" in his bio.
I guess after a decade plus of doing this you get pretty fucking proficient at it. I wonder how much money his instagram brings in.

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Uninspired in the sense that it all looks pretty generic, anon. Not that he's not coming up with something.
A lot of his stuff looks really samey to me. Whether that's down to his "style", or what I don't know. He just seems to play it really safe to me. Nothing is really worth more than a 2 second look or so. While that's not particularly a bad thing in the sense of Instagram (since that's all the time people would really give an image), his work just doesn't seem to have any depth to it apart from what's at the surface level. Again, for Instagram it's not too bad a practice (and he's got grabbing people's attention down to a science), I just don't really care for things looking pretty just to look pretty. I don't want that to sound pretentious, but "let me stick a spaceman in there to look cool and some magenta lighting", just seems meh to me as a concept.

It all has that C4D look to it as well (I don't really care for it). I don't know how to describe it, and I never thought I'd be able to pick out a renderer based on the final image, but C4D definitely has a look about it. It's not bad, but it definitely looks pretty sterile.

I mean I respect the guy and what he's accomplished, I just don't really care for his work.

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Most likely he's got a stockpile of finished projects and concepts. Maybe spends a weekend polishing them off, then posts them. When you get a good bit of time ahead of it, you're not really running out of content any time soon, so you can afford to slack off a bit and then pick it up. Or he just sets an hour aside and does it all in that time.

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this retard probably thinks hes gonna retire from doing #everydays when he hits 15 years. fucking idiot has spent his entire career creating the same compilations of images to no end. just sad.

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what have you done so far?

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What have (You)? Post you work or be gone, peasant.

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so he is using actually using C4D for everything ?

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It's the other way around. C4D (Maxon) is using him to gain more customers. And it's been working well.

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ah yes, spotted the gamma.

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>what have you done so far?
it really has im currently learning cinema 4D as my first actual 3D software. and already see its faults and >>693620 is right about how c4d renders all look a bit off.

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my bad >>693631 not >>693620

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