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I think mirrored weight painting got introduced in 2.79.
Are you using some old version?

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I'm using 2.8 And to scratch that, I figured out what my issue is, but now how to resolve it.

I have a left side of my armature set up to fit my mesh, and I used the ctrl D (duplicate), ctrl M (mirror), X (on X axis) to duplicate and mirror my bones. The bones duplicate in the correct ocation sure enough, but for whatever fucking reason they're slightly rotated so the vertices don't copy to the other side like they should. Any help with why?

In pic related the left are the originals and the .001 are the copies that are rotating. I already tried alt+R to clear the rtation but that doesn't work.

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Anyone know how I can get the maximum/highest value from an input? Not the math node, I mean getting all of an input and setting it all to whatever the highest value was. With numbers higher then 1 and a maximum that changes.

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It doesn't matter you're going to use your own hotkeys and scripts in any program you use unless you're an absolute shitter

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How's this for a first nose? Notice any mistakes?

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>and I used the ctrl D (duplicate), ctrl M (mirror), X (on X axis) to duplicate and mirror my bones

There is built in function for creating mirrored bones in the right-click menu, you only need the left/right names set up on the existing bones for it to work.

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Fuck off.

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kys churchfag

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Thank you for telling me that but it still doesn't exactly work like it's supposed to. I still get the right side slightly rotated.

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One thing worth noting though is that when I mirror the right side, the bones still rotate so it's not like a problem with the duplication but with the bones or my mesh. Will this happen if a mesh happens to be uneven on both sides?

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Use Symmetrize. The bone rotation should be exactly the inverse in all cases.
If you have problems with rotation you can use CTRL+N to reset rotations.

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>Notice any mistakes?
Yes, you're looking for instant gratification.
Don't just practice noses (wtf) practice human heads as a whole because getting the whole basic shapes right is more important than going into detail for one thing while the rest is shit

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Umm wtf it worked perfectly that isn't supposed to happen with Blender????? Thanks.

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Wait how do I mirror the weight paint because I didn't get an answer for it?

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Mhh, delicious yt ad bucks

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>check out this sick character made in blender
How did he do the hair? Too bad there's no tutorial, it would be interesting to see how he did it all using only blender and gimp.

>> No.695017

Looks like Hair Tool. It's super easy.

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How do i make a bone rotate with another bone if its offset and not a child?

>> No.695036

It will still rotate with the first bone if it's parantede with offset? What do you mean?

>> No.695053

Does anyone have Auto rig pro for 2.8? I remember one of you guys shared 2.79.
If not is Rigify and Blenrig good in 2.8?

>> No.695054

never mind guess it was easy to find simply googling
however is it worth using over the other options?

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Two questions:
Firstly, what did I do here, and how do I fix it? There's this frustrum cutting into my mesh and hiding everything outside.

Secondly, is there a way to have the same workflow as when you're working with dynamesh in zbrush? Dyntopo becomes way too slow way too fast, and I much rather have it the old way, where you just remesh and keep working. I know dyntopo allows us to flood fill a resolution, and I know there are things like the remesh modifier, but I was looking for something a bit more convenient than that.

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>He needs others to post a tutorial
>He expects people to just post tutorials for anything they make that looks halfway decent
Just because Blender is open source doesn't mean people's knowledge is.

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>Imagine making your first nose and telling your mom about it so she can put it on the fridge.
Stop being a millenial, man.

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Is use blender if it wasn't a huge piece of shit. Call me when you guys get an integrated uv editor like the big boys

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Dyntopo is all there is afaik
The only big difference is dyntopo doesn't automatically run a boolean operation whenever you flood fill, so you have to do that manually if you have intersecting geometry and hope it doesn't fuck up.

>> No.695087

Not sure if that's what you're looking for but check out today's Blender Today, there is a demo of the new voxel remesher.

As for your view being cut that's just an isolated selection, Alt+b should fix it

>> No.695139

>have mirrored model
>apply modifier
>uv unwrap
>draw on model
>it draws on the opposite uv map
lmao. how is this an official release when a crucial feature is buggy?

>> No.695146

X-mirro symmetry does copy the weight paint, but only for one bone. If you weight paint the left shoulder for instance it will automatically apply it to the right shoulder, but for the left bone, if that makes sense.

What I'm trying to do is weight paint the left shoulder on the left bone and have is automatically apply to the right bone and the right shoulder. Or just copy the vertices to the other shoulder, but none of the YT tutorials work for me.

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Does anyone have experience with the HairTool?
Is it worth the monies?

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i dont really see how its better than what you can do already in 2.8 with the particles
takes like 45minutes to learn how to add hair to anything and then its just
place particle > comb > hide > repeat

wow hair

>> No.695162

you should have unwrapped then applied modifier you mong

>> No.695165

Well it's main feature is speed.
You can pump out completely new hair designs really quickly. If time is something you have lots of then of course, you can achieve all of this manually too.

>> No.695167

any good hair making guides in blender?
i get the basics, but i mean like fundementals of hair
i got short hair and no gf so its hard to find a good reference
what gets me up the most is the scalp, like im never happy with how the top looks especailyl after combing, usually theres always a spot on the scalp left

>> No.695169

The thing is, if you use particles, the hair will START to look good once you increased the hair count so much your PC will collapse.
Cheaping out on hair count will look shit, making them thicker will also look like shit. Working with hair is shit.

>> No.695170

maybe ill make a new post later asking for guides cos its not really exclusive to blender

>> No.695220

You fucking retards. It's not for speed, it's for performance. It's for making HAIR CARDS that you can use in realtime engines.
Particle hair is completely useless for anything other than pretty renders.
And yes, hairtool is like 10 USD or something and definitely worth the money.

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>You fucking retards. It's not for speed, it's for performance.

>> No.695240

Moot has some really fucking pretty wigs.

>> No.695241

>It's for making HAIR CARDS
which happen to get done quicker than particle shit.

>> No.695242

Alright, fine, FINE. (You) earned it

>> No.695255

>It's for making HAIR CARDS

>> No.695291

absolutely not necessarily true
it's just the purpose of both that's different..

>> No.695322

is this model freely available? I need a good non-fucking shit models to test my 3d renderer.

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>> No.695332

No one said it wasn't possible without hairtool. Hairtool just makes the process a lot simpler and easier.

Absolutely not.


>> No.695340

Diffuse Color pass is black when using sss on principled shader, is this a bug?

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